Written By: Angelika Avdyeyeva, Saya Brahma, Jolie Litvak

Welcome to the first Student Spotlight! We have chosen one soloist to be our first spotlight – Jackson Allegra. He is in 8th grade and was nominated for his amazing singing.  He has performed in many plays at Pace Academy and has an outstanding and positive attitude. He enjoys theatre and acting in general, along with watching anime in his free time. Jackson is not only talented in the arts, but he is also athletic, too! During his time at Pace, he has been a member of the Water Polo and Lacrosse teams. We asked him some questions and the following gave us wonderful insight into who Jackson Allegra is – 

“How long have you been singing?”

“13 years now.”

“Will you continue to sing in the future?”


“Have you ever tried out for a Pace show or musical? If so, how many have you been in?”

“Yes I have, I’ve been in 7 performances out of the 7 performances that have been available to me since I’ve been at Pace. I tried out for the show Spamalot and got the amazing role of ‘King Arthur’! I cannot wait!”

That’s impressive! Are you comfortable singing in front of people in public?                                

“Yes, a little bit.”

“What is your favorite genre to sing?”

“I don’t have one, because I love to sing every kind of music. You can often find me singing in class!” 

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated them self or others! All of you will get a chance to be in Student Spotlight and we are always open to new nominations. Feel free to contact Jolie Litvak, Angelika Avdyeyeva, or Saya Brahma if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you all enjoyed the first Student Spotlight thank you for reading, and we will see you all here next time!