Written By: Taylor Hastie, Megan Klingler, Elsa Nagle, Eve Weizenecker

Did you know that Japan is planning to dump its nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean? Fukushima Daiichi, a nuclear power plant that was hit by a tsunami, has run out of money to store the waste, so they have resorted to moving the nuclear waste into the ocean. Why should you care? This could kill wildlife and impact the Pacific Ocean. Imagine swimming in that!

Why is there all this waste anyway? To cool down the nuclear reactors, power plants clean it with water, which creates nuclear waste. It contains radioactive materials, which are poisonous, and this has been stored in 3,519 bins around the plant. Since they already have 962,000 tons of contaminated water, soon they will run out of space. Many people in Japan, and an organization called Greenpeace, is trying to find other solutions to dumping it, but they need more support. 

The MidKnight Times held a bake sale on September 6, 2019 to raise money for this cause. We were able to raise $241 for Greenpeace! Thank you to everyone for your support! If you want to donate or learn more, you can go to the Greenpeace website.