Written By: Jackson Allegra

My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese anime series. Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children. Although anime can be used loosely to describe any animation, or particularly animation from Japan, the term tends to refer to the Japanese art style where the character has either large eyes, mouth, or crazy colored hair.

The main character in My Hero Academia is Izuku Midoriya A.K.A Deku(Nickname). He is a quirkless person in a society full of people with superpowers called quirks. In addition to Izuku, there are many other characters for people to connect with in the series. 

The anime version of My Hero Academia  is based off of the manga, or comic book series of the same name. As a manga, it is an enjoyable and adventurous series to read, because it is not inappropriate and can be enjoyed by all ages with stimuli to the brain that makes us relive the time we wanted to have superpowers. 

The Fourth season of My Hero Academia is coming out this fall. While some people might think anime is weird or strange, it is really just a different style of storytelling. Many of the themes are similar to stories you might be used to: such as,  good versus evil, standing out and fitting in, and the journey of a hero. Why not check it out for yourself? Who knows, you might like it.