by Ansley Kirbo

A few weeks ago, the middle school MidKnight Times newspaper put out a poll in the middle school, asking people about their driving questions. A week later, the same poll was put out in the upper school. Now we are posting a series of articles attempting to answer the most-voted-for questions. These are questions such as, “What happens if you put a tomato in a particle accelerator?”, to ones like “What is the meaning of life?” 

In the upper school, we had a total of 44 responses and in the middle school we had a total of  135 from the middle school. We don’t mean to jump to conclusions, but does this suggest that middle school students are more curious than upper school students? 

Our top two questions from the upper school were “How big is the universe?” and “What happens if you put a tomato in a particle accelerator?”. From the middle school, our top four were “Why do we laugh when someone falls down?”, “What is the meaning of life?” , “Why do students like TikTok so much?” and “Who puts facts into Google?”.  If these questions make you curious, check out the articles in this series that answer those questions!