By Quinn Culpepper

This year something happened that changed how we learn forever. There was a global pandemic, which forced us to finish out the 2019-2020 school year online. Almost every school started using Zoom, an online meeting platform that is easy for everyone to use. It was a perfect solution to an unbearable situation.

Zoom became such an amazing tool for teachers and students. Previously, if a student was sick for two or three days, he missed class and had to play catch-up for the next week or so. Now he can stay home and still do their classwork. Another advantage of Zoom is the ability to interact with other countries very easily. For example, Sra. Singleton’s 8th grade Honors class is periodically meeting with Aguascallientes, a school in Mexico. The two schools compare how they are learning English with how we are learning Spanish. We have learned about each other and even presented a project together. Some students are even talking to each other outside of class and becoming friends. It is such a cool experience that has only been enabled by Zoom.