By Ashley York

Clear cereal canisters are the perfect alternative to boxes and can reduce the amount of wasted, expired cereal. Not only can these canisters increase  cereal usage, they can also lighten and beautify any space. After buying boxes of cereal, simply fill the canisters with the cereal. This also makes it easier  to see the amount of cereal left.

Shelf and drawer dividers are a cost efficient way to keep  drawers and shelves clean and organized. They can be used in pantries, kitchens, and bathrooms. Not only are they durable, but shelf dividers come in many different sizes and colors to best match  existing shelves and drawers.

A produce bin can increase the lifespan of fruits and vegetables  by days. Some fruits and vegetables cannot be kept together because they emit gases that cause ripening and rotting. Try using  a produce bin to  make fruits and vegetables more visible and appealing.

Turntables, better known as Lazy Susans, have many uses. From pantry organization to craft supply and stationary storage, the possibilities are endless. The turntable is perfect for cabinet  corners because it makes hard to reach areas accessible.

Finally, velvet hangers prevent clothes from falling. They come in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe or color scheme.! Velvet hangers are expensive-looking, but cost around $30. Another bonus is their save-space ability. Unlike plastic hangers, they can save up to 50% more room.