Madame Hermosillo’s seventh and eighth grade French students competed in the 85th annual Le Grand Concours, a national competition on the French language sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.  Students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French.   Nearly 70,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2020 event, about 17,000 in each level. 

Some of the 8th grade winners (and their teacher!). Clockwise from top right: Madame Hermosillo, Isabelle Wilhelm, Ellie Carter, Emmy Battista, and Morgan Goldstrum


Some of the 7th grade winners (and their teacher). Top row, left to right: Livie Lynch, Madame Hermosillo, Kate Grice. Second row, left to right: Beatrix Boehner, Enrique Alvarez, Katherine Heineman. Third row, left to right: Allison Chitwood, Amina Zubairi, Kate Cunningham.

Platinum Medal Winners: Enrique Alvarez and Morgan Goldstrum

The platinum medal is awarded to students who receive a perfect score on the test. For the Level 1 test, only 57 students out of 17,000 received a perfect score. One of these 57 students was seventh grader Enrique Alvarez. Eighth grader Morgan Goldstrum also received a perfect score, and platinum medal, on the Level 2 test.

Gold Medal Winner 

Gold medal winners scored in the 95th percentile. Pace Academy had 1 student receive the gold medal award for the Level 1 test: Kate Cunningham.

Silver Medal Winners

Silver medal winners scored in the 90th or 85th percentile. There were 5 Pace students who snagged a silver medal. Three students achieved this on the Level 1 test: Beatrix Boehner, Kate Grice, and Amina Zubairi. Two students received a silver medal for for the Level 2 test: Emmy Battista and Isabelle Wilhelm.

Bronze Medal Winners

Bronze medal winners scored in the 80th or 75th percentile. Three students from Pace achieved this status for the Level 1 test: Allison Chitwood, Katherine Heineman, and Livie Lynch. For the Level 2 test, Ellie Carter achieved a Bronze Medal score.

Honorable Mention Winners

Finally, seven Pace Academy students received Honorable Mention for their performance on the exam. Grace Agolli, Ben Ellner, Stewart Favero, Sydney Lettes, and Elsa Nagle all scored in this category for the Level 1 test and Millie Gray and Harrison Leusink received this rank for Level 2.

Bon Travail Pace Academy!!!