by MS Student Council

Anyone wonder how your teachers are passing their time when they aren’t zooming into class or designing new distance learning activities?

Student Council took this opportunity to interview some faculty members and find out. We hope these ideas might make you smile or inspire you to try one of the activities yourself!

Mrs. Colquitt

Mrs. Colquitt likes getting out into nature and taking hikes with her pups Curly and Reese. Favorite trails include the Leita Thompson trail and Sope Creek.



Mrs. Singleton

Mrs. Singleton spends time with Mateo. They sing, go for walks, play and do exercise.







Mr. Wilhelm

Mr. Wilhelm is getting in some good rounds of ultimate frisbee – flinging discs over 300 ft. Beast mode.






Ms. Tockstein

Ms. Tockstein has been keeping busy doing research and writing, saving wildlife (like baby turtles!), and enjoying the outdoors.






Mrs. Tornusciolo

Mrs. Tornusciolo has been using the time to work out with her boys and get “swoll”!







Madame Hermosillo

Madame Hermosillo keeps fit and grounded with daily yoga. For cardio activity, she tries to stay one step ahead of her cat Horchie.





Ms. Cowles

Ms. Cowles spends time making art! Her creativity never stops!





Ms. Norton

Ms. Norton has also used this time to channel her inner artist – making masterpieces for her home!





Mrs. Larkin

Mrs. Larkin is enjoying her sun porch and doing lots of reading while petting her dog Maddie.







Mr. Shupe

Mr. Shupe has busied himself with practicing his best smirk and enjoying time outside with Sebastian.







We hope everyone is keeping active, connected and healthy. We can’t wait to see you back at school!