Written By: Reese Honeycutt, Virginia Foster, Colbie West

Animal awareness is a very important topic, because most people overlook the importance of animals. Animals have been judged, harmed, and even threatened. Many animals are going extinct because of our plastic waste habits. Habitat Destruction is the primary source of animal extinction. We have chosen to focus on the opossum. This animal is not necessarily endangered, but they are commonly thought about in a negative way. 

This semester, the sixth grade went on a field trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and got to see a real life opossum in captivity. Her tail got bitten off by a dog and she became blind. Most people overlook opossums because they think they are disgusting and scary. All animals are unique and are a lot like us. It is our job to help protect these animals – no matter the species. 

Colbie West, sixth grader at Pace Academy shared her sad experience with an opossum. “As I was walking past a house in construction, I saw many cut down trees. Lying at the foot of one severed tree, I saw a sight that, sadly, most people would ignore. I saw a dead mother opossum with her babies. I felt very sad.”

Awareness about animal endangerment and mistreatment can inspire people to make better choices. From improving human-animal interactions to minimizing human plastic usage, education about these topics are very important. We believe in supporting organizations and rescue programs like the Chattahoochee Nature Center, and also supporting any individual who believes in raising money for causes that help animals. We are passionate about making a difference! Be sure to look out for our next animal awareness article coming out soon!