by Hiruni Manawadu

This spring break, one of the IGCL trips was to South Florida.The group traveled through Key Largo and the Everglades. They learned about climate change and the city. Here’s what 7th grade science teacher Ms. Tockstein and 8th grader Spencer Whilhelmson had to say about their trip.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

Spencer: “Being in Key Largo. It was really fun because we stayed in our own dorms and we did a lot of snorkeling. There was learning but it was fun. We got to use microscopes and look at microorganisms.”

Ms. Tockstein: “My favorite part was getting to be out in the water but I also had a really good time researching the everglades, and touring the everglades and we went on this really cool street tour which was really fun.”

What were some cons of your trip?

Spencer: “Food poisoning. It was really hot. In Atlanta it was in the 50s and then we transitioned into 80 degree weather really quickly.”

What are some things you learned about this trip?

Spencer: “I learned a lot about the graffiti culture down there. We learned a lot about how Miami became so popular. I learned a lot about the city in general.”

Do you think the people you were around affected the experience?

Spencer: “Most of the seventh graders and the eight graders I was already pretty close with and I made a new friend. It was a pretty good group.”

What was one of the main lessons you were trying to teach the kids or the point of an experience you wanted them to have?

Ms. Tockstein: “The main thing we were trying to teach the kids was that different habitats are being affected by climate change differently.”

What do you think were some of the most challenging things for your group?
Ms. Tockstein: “I think just being in different habitats and different environments.”