by Ashley York

Sourcing sustainable products can be difficult in a world where the drive to maximize profits challenges many companies’ efforts to make ethical business decisions. The goal of this article is to open your eyes to companies that appear unsustainable, however are making efforts to become more clean and ethical. Below are six companies you may not know about, making an effort to become environmentally friendly.


Unlike other outdoor companies, Patagonia has made it its mission to save and protect the planet. Worn Wear, Patagonia’s new used clothing website takes lightly used clothing and gives it a new life. Shop Worn Wear here:


Nike’s original mission was to create the perfect tennis shoe. However, as global warming progresses, they have innovatively designed the Nike Air Force 1 Impact. Made from sustainable materials, its trendy style allows you to feel good about your purchase. Shop the Nike Air Force 1 Impact here:


Allbirds is a sustainable shoe and apparel company. Their durable shoes are made from the wool of merino sheep. The founders of Allbirds want to choose all natural or recycled materials as their goal is to “be like a tree and leave the environment cleaner than we found it”. While their most commonly used material is wool, they also carry shoes made from sugar and wood. Their mission statement is to: “break a sweat, not the planet.” Their selection of shoes ranges from sneakers to flip-flops and everything in between. Shop Allbirds here:

Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet are one of the only beauty companies making their bottles out of recycled materials. Not only is their packaging made from recycled materials, but it can also be recycled afterward. Another way Love Beauty and Planet is decreasing their waste is through their new inventive pump. Instead of making their pumps out of numerous, hard to recycle materials, their pumps are made from all recyclable material. Shop Love Beauty and Planet here:


Bite toothpaste bits are an alternative to toothpaste in plastic toothpaste tubes. Bite has created a line of sustainable dental-related products including floss, mouthwash, and even kids’ toothpaste bites. This new innovation eliminates the toothpaste mess in the sink. Shop Bite here:


Beautycounter has revolutionized skincare and makeup. Their newest innovation is The Clean Deo, or deodorant. Its design allows for the inside compartment to be removed while keeping the outer packaging to remain intact. This new design prevents plastic waste. Shop the Clean Deo here: