Written By: Jiya Patel & Bethany Chern

We have so many cultures in this world, and it’s incredibly important to learn about ways of life that are different than our own.

Learning about or experiencing another culture provides a greater understanding of the world around us. As a result, you’ll be able to appreciate our planet more. As a plus, it’s extremely interesting both inside and outside of school to learn about a different culture. 

In the “Cultures Around the World” series, each article will focus on cultural aspects of different regions or countries. We hope you enjoy learning about a variety of cultures with us. 

Remember, reading about a culture is limited. Culture is lived, shared, but also very personal. We are making observations about cultures based on what we have learned, but we know that culture cannot be contained in a few paragraphs. If you have experiences or observations you would like to share about a culture we are writing about, please send an email to: midknighttimes@paceacademy.org.