Ratemyteacher.com: a reputable source for information on Pace Academy faculty or an outdated, unserviceable website? Created in 2001, the website has compiled information and feedback on over eleven million teachers nationwide. The feedback ranges from formal positive comments like “Mr. Hornor is no doubt one of the best teachers atContinue Reading

Goals, saves, fights: the Pace hockey season is back! The team, much like the Atlanta Thrashers, has changed its jerseys, has relocated, and has changed its name. Due to a lack of players from Pace, the team has combined with Riverwood to form the Pace-Riverwood hockey team. What is theContinue Reading

The boys varsity soccer team had a fantastic year last year, winning their area and advancing all the way to the final four of the state playoffs. Although the team lost productive seniors such as Billy Tutt and Will Brewster, the team still has its core returning and has refilledContinue Reading

How Well Do You Know Your Teachers? 1. Has traveled to over 20 states playing in billiards tournaments 2. Received College of Computing Doctoral Dissertation award for thesis at Georgia Tech 3. Raised over $1,200 for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in the “Ride for Kids” 4. Played varsity football atContinue Reading

During their sacred summer, most Pace students’ goals are to get as far away from campus as possible. However, there are a few students who choose to spend their summer earning some money as camp counselors at Pace Camp. This is the 40th year for the program, and each yearContinue Reading

Every year when students return to the academy, Pace typically has something new to offer. Next year, Pace will add three new classes: Love in Philosophy and Literature taught by Dr. Brubaker, Western Philosophy taught by Dr. Link, and Sustainability taught by Mr. Sargent. Love in Philosophy and Literature isContinue Reading

The closing of this year marks the end of several beloved Pace teachers’ tenures at Pace: third grade teacher Jody Novy, Lower School art teacher Silke Cliatt, Upper School AP Biology teacher Sandra Davidson, and Upper School ceramics teacher Rick Berman. Each of these teachers has contributed something unique toContinue Reading

Before you graduate… – Break the library constitution: get caught with food. – Be on stage to announce a championship win, for SAB, or to play a role in a musical. – Shoot the hooch. Don’t get tetanus. – Fall asleep in the library while basking in the sunlight inContinue Reading

As a school known for its art program, Pace Academy has numerous students who are incredibly talented at subjects ranging from drawing and painting to ceramics, sculpture, and photography. Advanced Art Studio is a class for seniors that combines all these subjects and gives the students creative license to doContinue Reading

Senior Michael Christianson is without a doubt a brilliant, dedicated, and interesting student at Pace Academy. He has excelled in areas beyond the classroom, such as Debate, Knight Gallery, tutoring other students once or twice a week, and attending trivia competitions for fun. He is a unique student because heContinue Reading

The entire school has been fired up this season about the recent success of the baseball Knights. With Coach Hall taking the helm from legendary coach Charlie Owens, the Knights are off to their best start in five years. The Knights halfway through their season post an 8-5 record whichContinue Reading

Each year around the beginning of May, on their last day at Pace, the seniors hold a testimonial session in the FAC, which, as a matter of fact, is scheduled for a few hours from now. However, it is rare to get an in-depth look into the hearts and mindsContinue Reading

Dear Editors, I thought Malek Jandali’s assembly was very moving and well done. It made me realize how fortunate we really are. It’s amazing how much we take for granted when we have so much, especially freedom. His point that freedom is not free really stuck with me, because toContinue Reading