InDesign Help

Getting To KN InDesign Files

  1. Click on the Finder icon
  2. On the menu bar, click Go -> Connect to Server
  3. Type in “us”
  4. Press enter, then type in your username and password
  5. When it asks you which drive to mount, select “Groups”
  6. Click on “Knightly News”
  7. Click “Documents”
  8. Click “Layouts”
  9. Go to the current school year’s folder, then the current issue

Adding Text To Your Layout

  1. Select the Text Box tool (looks like a letter, in your left hovering bar with all the tools)
  2. Draw a text box
  3. Select the arrow tool (back in your tool box)
  4. Drag the edges to the guides
  5. Double-click your text box to type in it

Need more help? Don’t worry, it’s coming soon!