Nowadays, most Pace students who regularly watch ESPN have probably noticed that NCAA and NFL football analysts can’t go five minutes without mentioning Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. These two premier quarterbacks, predicted to be first round picks during the NFL draft in late April, wowed the sports worldContinue Reading

Head lacrosse coach Tom Kates and Head of Upper School Michael Gannon are switching places. Mr. Gannon will once again be Coach Gannon and reclaim the reins of the lacrosse team. As for Mr. Kates, he will be officially announced as the new Head of Upper School on May 2.Continue Reading

Senior Cameron Winders steps up to the tee and the crowd is hushed with anticipation. Even the squad of golf cheerleaders fall silent. One swift swing of his driver and the student section goes nuts. Boasting 300 fans per match, golf has become Pace’s number one spectator sport. “I’m notContinue Reading

Many people around campus are wondering why freshman Elijah Sheft is playing for the junior varsity boys soccer team and not starring on the varsity team. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation, so let the rumors end now. Due to Elijah’s recent commitment to play soccer for Manchester United inContinue Reading

After an unprecedented amount of negative feedback regarding recent decisions to block YouTube and Facebook and create a login page for Pace’s public Wi-Fi network, the IT department decided to take action and announced a sweeping set of changes. Mr. Walker said bluntly: “After receiving so many complaints about theContinue Reading

In a recent decision made by Pace’s Board of Trustees, the school will need to cut funding for the four most expensive sports teams: football, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. Due to chronic overspending, Pace’s athletic program has failed to meet its yearly budget for the last four school years, respectively.Continue Reading

Continually suppressed year after year, the Pace water polo team will soon break free from its club sport shackles and become a GHSA sponsored sport for the 2012 season. In the past, the Georgia High School Association has refused to sponsor water polo because of its supposed lack of participationContinue Reading

Every senior class presents the Academy with a gift to show their gratitude and leave behind a symbol of their contributions to the institution which hopefully prepared them to venture into the real world. These gifts are usually pretty standard: a bench here, a table there, or the occasional conceptualContinue Reading

Oct. 17, 2009, a young Liverpool fan cost his beloved team a point in the standings of the Barclay’s Premier League, England’s top soccer league. Senior Alex Miller, only a 15-year-old boy from Druid Hills at the time, had randomly become a die-hard Liverpool fan. Much like a fair-weather fanContinue Reading

While driving to school, Pace juniors and seniors often feel disgruntled by the obnoxious number of speed bumps plaguing the drive down to the back parking lot. Senior Ally Eisenberg explained, “There are way too many bumps in the driveway, especially on the way in. Those yellow ones are especiallyContinue Reading