It was a beautiful spring morning on March 27. Everyone from Pace Academy was enjoying the nice weather, spending time outdoors during their free periods. That is, everyone except Ms. Barbakow. She anxiously awaited an important phone call from England, which finally came at around 10:30 a.m. Ms. Barbakow tookContinue Reading

Yesterday, Director of Global Education Trish Anderson announced plans to send 15 students to North Korea July 20-29 through the Global Education program. Led by chaperones Ms. Smith and Mr. Smith, 15 lucky students will have the opportunity to venture to the country to learn more about the culture andContinue Reading

Knightly News: So what did you do over spring break? Bob Lebow: I went skiing in Beaver Creek. KN: Did you go with your friends or with your family? BL: With my friends. KN: Are you ready for school to be out, finally? BL: Yes, been ready for a while.Continue Reading

The recent string of panicked “Missing TI-84 Calculator” bulletins on the Upper School News and Announcements conference has sparked concern among Pace Academy; students have begun to worry over the safety of their own precious mathematical tools. “I no longer feel safe leaving Dwight [the name of her calculator] abandonedContinue Reading

Now in its 16th season, ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” has begun to reach outside of its usual celebrity contestant pool to everyday heroes like teachers, firemen, and policemen. In a recent telephone interview with the show’s producer Conrad Green, he spoke of his new concept: “We feel that theContinue Reading

Hallie Bedol – junior – “I’ve tried pulling a lot of April Fools’ jokes on my parents, but I always get nervous that they will get mad at me, so I take them down.” Kate Mullally – sophomore – “My friend who goes to Woodward and I went over toContinue Reading

Effective April 1, the remainder of the varsity boy’s baseball season has been canceled. Recently implemented steroid tests by the Georgia High School Association, or GHSA, found that all team members except juniors Raphael Ramirez and Jared Datoc were using some sort of performance enhancing drug. Drugs found included humanContinue Reading

When longtime Head of Lower School Anna Valerius recently announced her retirement, the news was met with sadness by the entire Pace Academy community. That is, by everyone with one notable exception. Mr. Michael Gannon was delighted to see a position in the Lower School open up and has officiallyContinue Reading

Many changes are on the way for Pace students with the construction of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. One consequence of the construction is that the vehicles and equipment required for the labor-intensive project will take up all the current space in the back parking lot, rendering allContinue Reading

Spotted: Lindsay Lohan walking the campus of Pace Academy. Ms. Lohan was seen in discussion with Mr. Gannon late last week. What could this mysterious conversation possibly be about? Rumor has it that Ms. Lohan is in talks with the school to implement her nationally recognized scared straight program, “RulesContinue Reading

Through the years, Pace Academy has been known for its rigorous curriculum and demanding homework assignments which prepare students for life beyond the Academy. Recently, though, coursework has been much easier and is leaving parents puzzled and students ecstatic. Teachers had seen a small dip in GPA scores over theContinue Reading

When a Pace student is prompted with the question “What are some of the defining quirks of the Academy?” a list automatically comes to mind. “An awesome snack bar, no uniforms, phenomenal Latin program, a dominating debate team, and fabulous theater productions with crazy busy show weeks,” were a fewContinue Reading