It’s that holiday that no one seems to know how to spell. Is it Chanukah, Hannukah, Chanukka, or Hanukka?  The answer is all of the above. Many know it to be the “Jewish Christmas” where children receive their presents over eight days. They know it’s during the holiday season, butContinue Reading

Christmas spirit can be experienced in many ways, including putting up decorations, baking and consuming holiday treats, and watching holiday movies. When asked about holiday movies, Pace teachers and students responded with a wide variety of favorites. From movies made in the 1940s to the late 2000s, the Pace communityContinue Reading

For many, the holiday season means getting away. Whether it’s going to visit family or taking a tropical vacation, many leave Atlanta when Christmastime comes around. However, Atlanta has a lot to offer at this special time of year. Holiday Light Shows: Throughout Atlanta, there are many beautiful displays ofContinue Reading

It is Nov. 3 at Lenox Mall, and the only colors you see on Macy’s main floor are red, white and green. You walk through the mall, and Christmas trees and model Santas are everywhere. Then you spot a man dressed in a Santa costume, a little boy already onContinue Reading

As the holiday season nears, many students struggle with finding the right gifts to buy for their friends and family, especially with such little free time as exams roll around. Fortunately, this does not have to be a major cause of stress. If you know where to look, it canContinue Reading

Santa, dreidels, elves, presents, angels, potato latkes, menorahs: what more could you need  this upcoming holiday season? Pace Academy students will notice one item missing from that list: the Holiday Program. For over 20 years the Lower School has been producing this cherished tradition that the entire community looks forwardContinue Reading