It’s not every day that high school students are given the opportunity to not only experience extreme poverty, but to be able to actually do something about it. This past summer, a group of Pace students traveled across the globe to South Africa to try to do their part. TheyContinue Reading

Pace Academy has offered a diverse assortment of classes in the past, and this year a few more classes have been added to the pool. More specifically, Pace has added four new Advanced Placement classes to the already large number of AP courses. These classes include AP World History, APContinue Reading

On July 21, 2011, 12 Pace Academy students, accompanied by Mr. Hornor, embarked upon a journey of a lifetime to Cambridge, England. After acclimating to their new setting and Christ’s College where they stayed, the group was in store for multiple presentations by college professors. In addition, Mr. Hornor gaveContinue Reading

This summer, sixteen dedicated seniors traveled to Camp Skyline with the freshman class to kick off another year of a Pace tradition: peer leadership. The freshman class, the largest in the school with 111 students, was compared to a “thunderstorm” at their eighth grade graduation, but the peer leaders findContinue Reading

This year, Pace welcomed five new teachers and coaches to the Upper School community: Anna Bush, Danny Doyle, Brianna Korb, Jere Link, and Femi Tinubu. In addition, Megan Dickherber returns to Pace after two years in Maryland. Students are excited at the prospect of new teachers. Freshman Zachary Kerker saidContinue Reading

Senior Kelly McAninch wants to be a nurse anesthetist, meaning a nurse who helps deliver anaesthesia to patients during surgery. This summer, she spent eighty hours working as a “volunteen” at Northside Hospital, a program for which she applied back in February. Kelly was one of 100 students selected outContinue Reading

On the first day of school, all students can talk about are their summers; sweet memories hang in the air among brand new binders and freshly printed syllabi. Most students spent their summers with friends and family at the pool or vacationing at the beach. “Laying poolside was a stapleContinue Reading

House after house completely flattened, one with a car turned upside down, another with a tree splitting what little remained of the house in half. These were the sights that a group of Pace students and faculty saw on their first day in Tuscaloosa, Ala. as they began recovery workContinue Reading

A Disco Pogo remix blared while 86 seniors screamed and 111 freshmen sat stunned. On the first day of school, the Class of 2012 jump-started the school year with an explosive force. The school year brings new responsibilities for seniors, privileges for juniors, persona for sophomores, and a fresh startContinue Reading

A groggy assembly of Pace freshmen, sophomores and juniors were jolted awake by the Class of 2012’s energetic ascendancy to their senior throne. After three long years of waiting for their chance to parade down West Paces and into the Academy, the seniors did not hold back. The 86 seniorsContinue Reading

With every new year at Pace Academy, there comes a new round of elected leaders to guide the student body through the eventful and exciting process called school. Seniors Zeena Lattouf (Student Body President), Eric Estroff (Student Body Vice President), Hayley Kahn (Student Body Secretary), and Grant Kelly (Student BodyContinue Reading

With so many extracurricular activities at Pace, most students have trouble getting outside of the Pace community and involving themselves in programs that are not affiliated with school. However, there are always exceptions. Juniors Adam Ellender and Morgan Frazier, and senior Jessica DiOrio all find interesting things to do outsideContinue Reading

Every year, the Upper School is exposed to a fresh crop of wide-eyed Middle School graduates. New to high school and its ways, these novices have quite a bit to learn. With their naivete, every freshman class brings something different to the Upper School. The question is: what will theContinue Reading