Prom is an essential part of the high school tradition. It is one of the few things that people remember about high school – who they went with, who got in trouble, who had the absolute worst dress (not to mention one of the biggest high school clichés). So howContinue Reading

The Class of 2011.

On April 29, 2011, the Class of 2011 will take the last high school class of their lives. Two weeks later, this class will enter the ranks of the alumni of Pace Academy. A class known for their academic accolades, athletic superiority, artistic supremacy, and theatrical excellence, will leave aContinue Reading

As we send off the Class of 2011 into the big wide world, KN wondered what previous Pace graduates have been doing since graduation day. How is college? What can seniors expect? Luckily, some loyal veterans of the Academy were willing to share some of their stories and achievements withContinue Reading

When anyone enters The Knightly News staff room, they can find student journalists feverishly typing away on their computers, perfecting every word of their article, or meticulously editing their peers’ work. One may also find journalists bolting out the door, attempting to hunt down their next interviewee or snap theContinue Reading

Submit. Done! It’s a good feeling, no doubt. Fast apps, online applications, and the Common App have made applying to college slightly less painful and time consuming. But for a few seniors, the application process was considerably more involved. . Senior Benjamin Harris intends to study music at Boston University.Continue Reading

The Knightly News caught up with the dedicated art students as they prepared to present their work in the Advanced Art Studio and Independent Study shows which opened on April 20. This year Mr. Bloodworth had eight students in his Advanced Art Studio class: seniors Julia Allen, MacKenzie Barratt, ClaireContinue Reading

When trying to build up a solid college resume, involving yourself in summer programs is a great way to start. During the school year, it can be difficult to find the time to pursue your interests beyond school when dealing with multiple hours of homework on a nightly basis. SummersContinue Reading

Pace Academy is losing two of its beloved teachers at the end of this school year: physics teacher Abby McKenna and band director Scott Campbell. Ms. McKenna is leaving Pace to move to Denver, her hometown, where she will teach at Colorado Academy as the head of the physics department.Continue Reading

We may say that a million things at Pace torture us, exams and teachers being two. But the usual sources of torture are no match for the pain eighth graders feel watching the festivities of Great American Picnic from the Middle School English classrooms. But all in good time, dearContinue Reading

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, Pace students are getting excited about their summer plans. However, as summer gets closer, so do AP exams, all other exams, and final grades. The last few weeks of school can be some of the most nerve-wracking for students, and forContinue Reading