While the Scholastic Arts competition may be the only major arts awards Pace Academy pays close attention to, this past November, the Georgia Ceramic Arts Awards and Symposium accepted nine Pace students’ works for exhibition in the disciplines of pottery and sculpture, and four Pace students won major awards forContinue Reading

In the weeks leading up to winter break, as the temperature drops and the smell of pine and peppermint become all too familiar, the holidays always bring about a sense of excitement and anticipation. Students and teachers at the Academy treasure their unique holiday traditions that help to spread theContinue Reading

It’s a Thursday night. Now what would a typical Pace Academy student be doing? Some would say playing sports, many would say doing homework, and still others would say rehearsing for upcoming shows. I, however, have a different answer: volunteering at My Sister’s House. My Sister’s House is a PaceContinue Reading

The only time you will see the parking lot full at the Academy on a Friday night is when Pace Theatre is putting on one of their fabulous productions. I went on Friday, Nov. 9 to see the much anticipated musical, “West Side Story.” The audience was obviously excited toContinue Reading

Late on Nov. 12, the Pace Academy High Q team traveled to the WSB-TV studios to engage in a battle of brains against The Walker School. High Q, a type of quiz bowl for high schools, is sponsored by Atlanta television station WSB (Channel 2), and airs every Sunday atContinue Reading

On the morning of Nov. 14, Upper School students watched a documentary film by Theo Rigby entitled “Sin Pais,” which focused on the human side of illegal immigration. The film showed how hard it is to immigrate to the U.S. through the personal experiences of one family in which theContinue Reading

Two countries, three states, six schools, 10 houses, 17 different cars, and an innumerable number of faces aren’t typical statistics for a 16-year-old. But for Pace Academy junior Shaista Dhanesar these numbers are a reality. Her story is a fascinating one, and as of Thursday, Oct. 11, the Pace communityContinue Reading

KN: How’s sophomore year going? BA: It’s good… It’s hard. KN: Harder than freshman year? BA: Yeah. KN: Who’s your favorite teacher? BA: Umm…. Mr. Kates KN: Why is he your favorite? BA: He’s hilarious. KN: What are you going to miss the most about freshman year? BA: I missContinue Reading

On Oct. 17 freshmen clad in Pace gear traveled with their respective transitions groups around Atlanta on a day of service. From sorting and packing goods to playing with adorable children, the freshmen were introduced to an important aspect of Pace life; service learning. Students and teachers alike assisted peopleContinue Reading

When thinking of Thanksgiving, our minds tend to drift to the always exciting dessert menu. Pecan pie, apple cobbler, cakes, cookies, the list goes on and on. One item that is always on the menu is pumpkin pie. This festive dessert never fails to make an appearance during the holidayContinue Reading

Standing up in front of your entire extended family and reciting all the things you are thankful for in your life while the smell of warm delicious turkey makes your mouth water is one of the most common and most dreaded Thanksgiving traditions. Most people rush though their speeches soContinue Reading

A high-energy Pace weight room has led the way for athletes to reach new heights in their respective sports. New equipment additions and new workout strategies have inspired athletes this year to work harder to achieve better fitness results. Strength and conditioning coordinator Clement Rouviere said, “Some things were changedContinue Reading

What looks great on college applications, lets you travel the world, and enables you to learn many random facts about countries around the globe? Model UN! Although students have heard Ms. Smith’s invitations to attend conferences, many don’t know what really goes on. Model UN is a simulation of theContinue Reading