Augustine Whyte. He was born and raised in Tampa, Fla., attended a private high school where he did a number of sports, attended Williams College where he continued his wrestling career, and after graduating college, began teaching. Most students are already familiar with this information, but let’s dig deeper andContinue Reading

This Wednesday, juniors and sophomores will sit down at the grey, rectangular tables on the Inman Center floor and take one of many standardized tests required during their high school career. Last week, many English and math teachers spent part of their classes on PSAT prep, working to reinforce previouslyContinue Reading

Hello everyone who looks at this website! I am Dean Papastrat, the webmaster for the Knightly News. I just wanted to show you the fantastic new features that were put in over the past week, while the website We set up a new domain Our Twitter account received a newContinue Reading

On October 17, Pace freshmen spend a day of service sponsored by the Transitions program to introduce service learning. While the sophomores and juniors descend to the Inman Center floor to take PSATs, freshmen hop on buses and travel to different non-profit agencies around Atlanta. Many students who are newContinue Reading

On Oct. 1, the Pace Student Council completed stage one of their newest fundraiser, preorders for the KnightCard. Providing a discount of 10% to participating members of the Pace community, the cards were the brainchild of sophomore Mark Grenader. Work began on the card during the second semester of lastContinue Reading

On Sept. 10, Pace’s annual club fair welcomed a host of clubs, new and old. From trivia nights to sailing, and baking to raising spirit at basketball games, Pace is filled to the brim with distinctive clubs. Sophomores Hannah Kelly and Lacey O’Sullivan started the new club, Trivia Knights, afterContinue Reading

“What you can lose from it is so much greater than what you can benefit from doing it,” senior Jack Assaf said about alcohol and drug consumption in high school. PASS, or Pace Academy Student Support, is a student-run organization dedicated to helping eighth graders transition into high school, withContinue Reading

Students in the Inman Center who are not using their time efficiently find themselves doing a variety of random activities during their free periods. An informal survey was conducted in which 60 Pace students were questioned about how they spend their time when they are not attending class. Students whoContinue Reading

Cliques, teachers, the rumor mill — these topics make up only a small part of the huge load middle school girls take on as they enter their early teenage years. Girl Talk, a national organization with chapters in 47 states and four countries, creates the opportunity for high school girlsContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, Joey, tell me about your activities. Joey Capelouto: Well, I’m very busy. I’m the lead in the play, I am a service leader for Trinity, I am the captain of the water polo team (we need fans), I am the Student Council vice president, and I’ve gotContinue Reading

The introduction of global ed trips, overly-enthusiastic magazine ladies, and the thrilling annual dress code assembly are times in which Pace students love to catch a quick nap or engage in an intense debate about the most recent “Gossip Girl” episode. Despite the sometimes dull mornings, there are several assembliesContinue Reading

Every Saturday, I, along with roughly 15 other Pace Academy Upper School girls, wake up early and get to Pace at 8:45 a.m. We then pile into cars driven by service leaders and their moms to go to Emmaus House, a new service project where Pace students have the opportunityContinue Reading