KN: How’s sophomore year going? BA: It’s good… It’s hard. KN: Harder than freshman year? BA: Yeah. KN: Who’s your favorite teacher? BA: Umm…. Mr. Kates KN: Why is he your favorite? BA: He’s hilarious. KN: What are you going to miss the most about freshman year? BA: I missContinue Reading

On Oct. 17 freshmen clad in Pace gear traveled with their respective transitions groups around Atlanta on a day of service. From sorting and packing goods to playing with adorable children, the freshmen were introduced to an important aspect of Pace life; service learning. Students and teachers alike assisted peopleContinue Reading

When thinking of Thanksgiving, our minds tend to drift to the always exciting dessert menu. Pecan pie, apple cobbler, cakes, cookies, the list goes on and on. One item that is always on the menu is pumpkin pie. This festive dessert never fails to make an appearance during the holidayContinue Reading

Standing up in front of your entire extended family and reciting all the things you are thankful for in your life while the smell of warm delicious turkey makes your mouth water is one of the most common and most dreaded Thanksgiving traditions. Most people rush though their speeches soContinue Reading

A high-energy Pace weight room has led the way for athletes to reach new heights in their respective sports. New equipment additions and new workout strategies have inspired athletes this year to work harder to achieve better fitness results. Strength and conditioning coordinator Clement Rouviere said, “Some things were changedContinue Reading

What looks great on college applications, lets you travel the world, and enables you to learn many random facts about countries around the globe? Model UN! Although students have heard Ms. Smith’s invitations to attend conferences, many don’t know what really goes on. Model UN is a simulation of theContinue Reading

Who in their right mind would ever choose to wake up early on a Saturday just to go organize dented cans with 50 other people? This is the question many Pace students would ask about the Atlanta Community Food Bank service project. On Saturday, Oct. 6, I set out toContinue Reading

A new rule instituted by Pace administration that restricts Pace students from playing volleyball in Inman during their free periods has the student population in an uproar. Sophomore Zachary Kerker exclaimed, “The lack of volleyball is preposterous and astounding. This is outrageous and the rule is a restriction of students’Continue Reading

At first glance, the crumpled pieces of paper strewn across the Middle School conference room table by visiting artist Andrew Scott Ross look like a mindless mess. But after a few moments of studying this strange arrangement, one notices the small, intricate cutouts elaborately placed within the crinkled clutter. Ross’Continue Reading

Beginning in October, the FAC was transformed into a fine art photo gallery as part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography photo festival. Photography exhibits were set up in over 150 different venues throughout the Southeast as part of the festival, with Pace being the venue for two exhibits: “A SenseContinue Reading

Most students travel 15 minutes or so to go to school, but one student has traveled a staggering 4824.95 miles to come to Pace. Mirek Crha is the newest (temporary) addition to the senior class as an exchange student from Prague, Czech Republic. He is living with senior Taj Gillani.Continue Reading

Unknown to many in our community, Pace’s videography program, led by computer mastermind Matt Walker, has become a jewel of the arts program at Pace. The videography program first began six years ago as a club in the Middle School under the leadership of Mr. Walker and Mrs. Van Vliet,Continue Reading

While most students at Pace can’t yet vote, The Knightly News staff decided to hold our own mock election. Out of the 435 students in the Upper School, 308 ballots were returned. Of these, 58% of students voted for Governor George Romney and 38% voted for President Barack Obama. TheContinue Reading