While most students at Pace can’t yet vote, The Knightly News staff decided to hold our own mock election. Out of the 435 students in the Upper School, 308 ballots were returned. Of these, 58% of students voted for Governor George Romney and 38% voted for President Barack Obama. TheContinue Reading

Gay marriage, abortion rights, and Obamacare. Those are just a few of the policies and programs that will be in effect under the leadership of Barack Obama. Right now the presidential race is neck and neck, but in my mind our current president is looking better every day. From PaulContinue Reading

Tough primaries and months of campaigning have selected Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, as the Republican presidential nominee. Mitt Romney began his political career in 2002, running for and being elected governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney was a Republican governor in a largely Democratic state, yet he crossed partyContinue Reading

Last week, the two vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden (D) and Paul Ryan (R), squared off for their only debate. The event left many voters undecided, in stark contrast to the previous debate that rallied many to the side of the Romney campaign. Many people agreed that Biden’s strong points and confidentContinue Reading

I’d like to request a moment of silence, please, for Mrs. Bachmann, Mr. Perry, Mr. Cain, Mr. Huntsman, and one for Ron Paul, too, because we all know he’s only hanging on by a few highly ideological threads. So now it’s down to Newt, Santorum, and Mitt, with Romney predictedContinue Reading

As the presidential election approaches and news coverage becomes more intense, you may have thought to yourself, “I probably should start paying attention.” But let’s face it, there was a Facebook fight in your newsfeed, you have to catch up on “Modern Family”… you just have better things to do.Continue Reading

A few weeks ago, it was difficult to log into Facebook and not see hundreds of posts about signing a SOPA/PIPA petition. In fact, it was hard to look at any website at all. Wikipedia, Wired, Tumblr, Google, Craigslist, and many more websites took part in the “black out” in orderContinue Reading

In the college process there are rarely constants. The number of applications to schools has been rising, as is the use of the Common App. However, one trend that has particularly taken hold at Pace is the use of early decision (ED) by a growing number of students. Early decision,Continue Reading