Knightly News: Hello! So, you’re new to Pace this year as a junior. Where did you live before you came to Pace? Max Sharpe: Before I lived in Georgia, I lived in Madrid, Spain. KN: Wow! What was your favorite part about living there? MS: This is going to soundContinue Reading

Knightly News: How long have you been at Pace? Sarah Lettes: I’ve been at Pace since sixth grade. KN: Awesome. So you aren’t one of the lifers. Do you still really enjoy Pace? SL: Yeah, I love Pace. I think it’s probably one of the best schools in the wholeContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, the end is finally here. How does it feel to finally be leaving Pace? Hayley Silverstein: ‘Bout time! KN: What was your favorite part about senior year? Wilson Alexander: Just being at the top of the high school… There’s something about senior year where your whole attitudeContinue Reading

KN: You entered Pace in sixth grade and are now a freshman. How has the transition been? JA: It was really easy. All the guys [in our grade] are bros, so that made things easy. KN: Have you enjoyed being a freshman? JA: It’s been pretty awesome. Just being inContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, you have been together for a long time. Josh Sloan: Nine months. KN: How was your first date? JS: Our first date was way before we officially started dating. AM: It was horrible! We went to a movie at 4 o’clock. JS: It was a really badContinue Reading

KN: So you’re probably known mostly around Pace for your  freestyling abilities. Could you elaborate on that? CP: I was kinda bored. I mean, I know it’s been pretty rough and I know I’m pretty bad at it, but at least I don’t mess up by snapping and clapping… likeContinue Reading

Knightly News: How has senior year been so far? Hunter Cesinger: It has actually been pretty cool so far. Mr. Gannon keeps telling us to tuck in our shirts or he will take away our off campus, but I already don’t have off campus, so it’s kind of like freeContinue Reading

KN: So, ‘Kieran Lehane’ isn’t a name that’s heard very often. Where did your name come from? KL: Well, Lehane is French and Kieran is Irish after Saint Kieran. KN: Very cool. You came to Pace from First Montessori, right? Why did you decide to come to Pace? KL: Yeah,Continue Reading

Knightly News: How was your summer? Katherine Merritt: This summer I stayed in Atlanta and volunteered at Hospice in Piedmont Hospital, and I also went to Boston University for a summer program for two weeks. KN: What did you do at BU? KM: It was kind of like a pre-collegeContinue Reading

  Knightly News: How does it feel to be finally at the end of senior year? Natalie Camrud: Amazing! I’ve had a countdown on my phone since the beginning of the year, and it’s finally getting into the low numbers. Suzanne Monyak: I think it’s kind of bittersweet. On theContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, Asante, you do art and you were chosen as an arts laureate last year, right? Asante Crews: Yeah, I got chosen for Spring arts laureate last year and that was pretty cool, and I’d like to have it again this year. I’m working on some new pieces,Continue Reading

Knightly News: How long have you guys been dating? Riley Muse: It will be a year on February 14th. KN: It’s so cute that your anniversary is Valentine’s Day! Do you have any big plans? Sam Downey: I do! RM: Like a pony, or a hot air balloon ride. SD:Continue Reading