Google launched their latest attempt to match Facebook in social networking at the end of June. Their last try, Google Wave, had a tepid reception at best and was shuttered in August 2010. They do have a social network that is doing well, just not here in the United States.Continue Reading

Jumping Jehosaphat, what’s that block of black and white speckles below? The Knightly News has its first QR code, that’s what. If you scan it with a smartphone camera using the right app, it will take you directly to our mobile website! For iPhones, you can download the “QR Reader”Continue Reading

If Mr. Day’s iPad-aided convocation address showed anything, it is that this is going to be a tech-heavy school year. Teachers at the Academy are leading the charge to integrate technology more deeply into the curriculum than ever. Walk into Ms. Stevens’ AP World History class, and you will seeContinue Reading

On March 20, AT&T announced that it plans to buy Germany-based Deutsche Telekom’s American division, better known as T-Mobile, for $39 billion. This combined user base of 130 million will catapult AT&T past Verizon in number of subscribers, over a third of the population of the U.S. This also givesContinue Reading

In the February issue of The Knightly News, I mentioned five tech trends that I thought were on the rise and five that were…rising in the other direction. For this last issue, I examine how much things have changed since then. Winners 1.    Tablets It looked like iPad was set toContinue Reading

You may have heard some words in the halls lately that you don’t understand: “I just tweeted about it.” “Did you see my twitpic?” “It was hilarious, I retweeted it.” If all of this Twitter talk is making you feel left out and confused, you’re not alone. But one thingContinue Reading