There’s a “Temple Run” craze that’s sweeping the Academy. Everywhere you look someone is hunched over their iPhone or iPad furiously swiping left and right and running from the terrifying monkey-like creatures. This gaming sensation was created by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and reached theContinue Reading

A few weeks ago, it was difficult to log into Facebook and not see hundreds of posts about signing a SOPA/PIPA petition. In fact, it was hard to look at any website at all. Wikipedia, Wired, Tumblr, Google, Craigslist, and many more websites took part in the “black out” in orderContinue Reading

When I was browsing through the application marketplace on my phone recently, I found myself either getting serious thumb exercise flipping through endless lists of apps that seem pointless, or always swiping over to the top-ranked list. I use Windows Phone, which only has 50,000 registered apps. I could notContinue Reading

StumbleUpon continues to grow in popularity among students at the Academy. For those of you who are not yet “Stumblers,” the site is a “discovery engine that finds and recommends web content for its users,” according to the website. When Stumbling, one can discover new web pages, photos, and videosContinue Reading

The iPad program was ushered in at the beginning of this school year with much excitement. The benefits of this program, not to mention the forward-looking nature of the program, seemed obvious. Students could eliminate huge textbooks and carry them on a single, svelte device. E-texts cost way less thanContinue Reading

RIM (Research in Motion) is going to keep dying… slowly. What’s the sound that a toilet makes when it flushes? That’s what RIM, maker of Blackberries, is going to sound like this year. They are in a downward spiral, and not even a miracle can stop their demise at this point.Continue Reading

As technology marches toward ever simpler and more convenient usage, one important thing is being left behind: an appreciation for what goes into making everything work and a fundamental knowledge about the basics behind the glowing rectangle students stare intently into. People offhandedly criticize their technology, but when asked further,Continue Reading

There’s no denying it: we have all spent countless hours on YouTube. So why not spend a few more? Here are a few videos that will make you laugh, make your jaw drop in amazement, or just entertain you. 1. “Best of FAILS 2011 Compilation”: There are a nearly infiniteContinue Reading

On Oct. 4, the mythical black turtleneck and blue jeans were not present on stage. Instead, new CEO Tim Cook was in a plain blue dress shirt to announce the equally new and equally plain generation of Apple’s mobile devices and software. Little did the world know, that only aContinue Reading

Facebook has changed the way people of all ages function; most high school students cannot imagine what life would be without it. Someone’s Facebook profile and what they post can play defining roles in their reputation and how they are perceived by their peers. When someone is curious about aContinue Reading

  It’s time for the fall video game season, and that means it’s about to get busy. From September to December, the release of a massive number of excellent titles will be drawing gamers back onto their couches. The list below is pretty intimidating, so let’s break it down…  Continue Reading

Recently, things haven’t been looking so peachy in the land of Blackberry. What was once the impenetrable fortress of business and the fuel of Crackberry addicts everywhere is now an antiquated has-been. Blackberry’s market share has plummeted from 16% globally to just 9% and their stock price is down 59%.Continue Reading

Students in AP World History, AP Comparative Politics and AP Art History are using iPads in class this year. As students become more technologically sophisticated, they are finding apps that help them in school. For those who are not as tech savvy as they would like to be, The KnightlyContinue Reading