What happens when you click that send button after composing an email? What allows you to purchase goodies online? While the answer is very complex, the essence of it revolves around the center of the modern world: the Internet. The Internet is a living, thriving ecosystem of information, connections, andContinue Reading

1. Ambient Weather WR-111 (Tribute to Superstorm Sandy) This emergency weather radio has a built-in solar panel and dynamo in case the power goes out, and receives AM, FM, and NOAA broadcasts. It also includes a flashlight and a charging port for your mobile devices. It’s the perfect all-in-one deviceContinue Reading

Apple seems to be having supply chain issues. First with the iPhone 5, then the iPad 4th generation, they have been late. With shipping times for the iPhone 5  just starting to decrease, Apple CEO Tim Cook should be outraged at the time it has taken for the new productsContinue Reading

Pace students and teachers enjoy automated PowerPoints during homeroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings; now you can see these announcements online! We upload the PowerPoint to Google Docs, convert it to a web-friendly presentation, and embed it in our site for you to see. If you have any ideasContinue Reading

Apple has embarked on a campaign to create the thinnest, most sleek products ever. This was evident with the iPhone 5, the world’s thinnest phone, but has now become even more obvious with the iPad Mini and the new iMacs. Priced at $329 for the cheapest model (Wi-Fi only), theContinue Reading

After all of the discussion of the iPhone 5’s flaws, especially the maps, many tend to overlook Apple’s newest gadget, expected this October. The iPad Mini, rumored to be Apple’s newest 7-inch tablet, would allow Apple to enter the fierce competition between Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, Google’s Nexus 7, andContinue Reading

If you haven’t heard the hype about “cloud” technology, you are missing out on the newest generation of computing. Using a cloud-based service basically means that you are storing all of your data on a company’s server, rather than your own computer. These services have taken the tech world byContinue Reading

Over the summer, Pace students usually do some combination of three things: 1. Go on vacation or a Global Ed trip 2. Work at Pace camp or another job 3. Train for fall sports. However, there are some students who chose to spend their summer differently. Simon Wu and JohnContinue Reading

In technology this summer, rumors and new products have been flying around the World Wide Web, creating one of the most action-packed summers yet. From the iPhone 5 to the Windows Surface to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, manufacturers are rushing to get ahead of the competition. Here’s our take onContinue Reading

It is no secret that discs are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs. With services like Hulu and Netflix offering the ability to stream movies and TV shows, Steam offering downloadable games, and Apple and Microsoft even offering things like Windows, Office, and OS X as downloadable content, whyContinue Reading

This school year marked the beginning of something remarkable. No, I’m not talking about the first baseball team under Coach Hall or the trend of boys disrobing during Spirit Week skits. Rather, the iPad program concluded its first year. Two teachers were asked: To what extent was the iPad programContinue Reading

Has your ability to procrastinate been limited since Pace blocked access to Facebook and YouTube? You must not have heard of Pinterest. Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) is a website designed to catalog, organize, and share your interests. On this site users create a “pin board,” or a virtual corkboard, and simply “pin”Continue Reading

Two things are rapidly disappearing today: disk drives and retail stores. I personally think that there still is a definite need for both, and here’s why. Disk drives. Why do we need them? Because Internet speeds just aren’t good enough. If we could download big applications like Photoshop, or anContinue Reading