1. Nintendo Switch – Nintendo’s last console, the Wii-U, was a huge bust, but the Nintendo Switch is hoping to see more success with clever ideas. The charm of the Switch is that it can be used as a home console as well as a portable console. The Nintendo Switch launchesContinue Reading

Instagram is one of the leading social media tools used throughout the world. Typical users turn to Instagram for advertising their businesses, publishing their personal lives and sharing intellectual posts. However, the trend has changed. It is becoming increasingly popular for Pace students to create a personal “finsta.” A finsta is aContinue Reading

Looking for a Christmas present? The new MacBook Pro has just been released. With up to 10 hours of battery life, the new laptop is remarkably faster and more powerful than ever before. It is now up to 130% faster, 17% thinner and the graphics are displayed 67% brighter. ItContinue Reading

After the “Pokemon Go” craze died down fewer people have been playing mobile games. “Pokemon Go” is still being updated by Niantic and new content is constantly coming out. However, there are still mobile games that are great for a quick escape or a feeling of satisfaction from putting timeContinue Reading

Around the world, savvy smartphone users anxiously awaited the release of the iPhone 7 on Sept. 7. Since 2007, radical technology from Apple has been taking the world by storm, with the company releasing 13 different iPhone models prior to the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 offersContinue Reading

Nearly every teenager has heard parents, teachers and others complain about how teenagers are spending too much time on their cell phones. Whether or not you agree with this statement, criticism from our elders frustrates all of us. Each generation has its defining characteristics and is influenced by current trendsContinue Reading

Pace students have hectic lives, but thankfully they also have digital assistants to help manage them. The iPhone, the most prevalent device at the Academy, has some great features built-in that can aid people in quickly doing tasks online. However, most people don’t utilize these features. Save yourself some time and use iOS theContinue Reading

Looking for a last minute gift for a friend or relative? Check out this list of unique technology gifts that are sure to amaze. All gifts listed are under $100. USB Toaster Hub This quirky little device charges all of your personal electronic devices, in the form of a traditional toaster. WhileContinue Reading

This September, Apple shocked the world once again with their newest innovations. The iPhone 6 (starting at $199) and 6 Plus (starting at $299) were released to customers around the world, and have already proven to be very popular. According to 9to5Mac, Apple sold 10 million of the new devices in the firstContinue Reading

With everything moving towards "the cloud," internet security breaches become an increasingly dangerous threat. Photo: Dean Papastrat

Forget the privacy invasions by the NSA and the bandwidth limitations by Internet Service Providers; the majority of Web servers students and faculty access on a regular basis faced two serious security breaches that placed users’ data in peril over the past year. While the general population might not consider the importance of these issues, theContinue Reading

WordPress, the leading web content management system, is an express route to a new website.

In a sea of free online sites, portfolios and e-commerce shops, many struggle to find a simple, professional way to create a website that serves their needs while remaining economically feasible. However, one can easily navigate this seemingly impossible process by using one of the most robust, user-friendly systems available:Continue Reading