To the dismay of millions of avid fans, the July premier of the eighth and final Harry Potter movie ended an epic 14-year era. Beginning with the June 1997 release of the first book, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” devoted fans have camped out at bookstores and flocked toContinue Reading

Continents begin to fracture, New York collapses into the depths of the ocean, California is violently ripped off the mainland and careens towards Hawaii, all the while Planet X hurtles through space towards Earth and solar flares scorch the ground as molten lava consumes everything in its wake. To topContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Zeena. How’s it going? Zeena Lattouf: Pretty good, pretty good. KN: So, our first five minutes of every year is designated for the student body president. How are you liking your new job? ZL: It’s exciting, because in my speech last year I promised I would beContinue Reading

On March 20, AT&T announced that it plans to buy Germany-based Deutsche Telekom’s American division, better known as T-Mobile, for $39 billion. This combined user base of 130 million will catapult AT&T past Verizon in number of subscribers, over a third of the population of the U.S. This also givesContinue Reading

In the February issue of The Knightly News, I mentioned five tech trends that I thought were on the rise and five that were…rising in the other direction. For this last issue, I examine how much things have changed since then. Winners 1.    Tablets It looked like iPad was set toContinue Reading

The Class of 2011.

On April 29, 2011, the Class of 2011 will take the last high school class of their lives. Two weeks later, this class will enter the ranks of the alumni of Pace Academy. A class known for their academic accolades, athletic superiority, artistic supremacy, and theatrical excellence, will leave aContinue Reading

You may have heard some words in the halls lately that you don’t understand: “I just tweeted about it.” “Did you see my twitpic?” “It was hilarious, I retweeted it.” If all of this Twitter talk is making you feel left out and confused, you’re not alone. But one thingContinue Reading

If you depend on the radio and iTunes’ top ten for your music, you might have heard of, but not really ever listened to, All Time Low, a self proclaimed “pop-rock” band (sometimes referred to as “pop-punk).” Despite their sub-mainstream status, the band has had lots of success, having releasedContinue Reading

Bonnaroo is back, and this year it is filled with one of its best lineups ever. Bonnaroo, for people who are not aware, is a four-day music festival in Manchester, Tenn. filled with music and fun. The dates for this year’s festival are June 9-12. The lineup consists of GrammyContinue Reading

When trying to build up a solid college resume, involving yourself in summer programs is a great way to start. During the school year, it can be difficult to find the time to pursue your interests beyond school when dealing with multiple hours of homework on a nightly basis. SummersContinue Reading

Pace Academy is losing two of its beloved teachers at the end of this school year: physics teacher Abby McKenna and band director Scott Campbell. Ms. McKenna is leaving Pace to move to Denver, her hometown, where she will teach at Colorado Academy as the head of the physics department.Continue Reading

We may say that a million things at Pace torture us, exams and teachers being two. But the usual sources of torture are no match for the pain eighth graders feel watching the festivities of Great American Picnic from the Middle School English classrooms. But all in good time, dearContinue Reading