While many students slip into the monotony of high school, every now and again a comment is made in class that can make you smile on those seemingly never-ending days. The following is a compilation of some of those special one-liners said in various classes. While taken out of context,Continue Reading

Quiet crowds and empty student sections have characterized many of the games for the past few seasons of Pace Academy basketball. The Pace Knights have lacked fan support not only at away matchups but even at home. These shortcomings by the Pace Academy students are what prompted senior Miles SheftContinue Reading

Freshmen Typically, not much is expected from the freshmen, who chose “Scooby Doo” as their Spirit Week theme, since it is their first year participating in the annual event. The cardboard Mystery Machine was surprisingly realistic looking, but the chalk drawings of “Scooby Doo where are you?” were on parContinue Reading

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In the words of The Killers, “Are we human or are we dancer?” My answer? Both! How can we possibly enjoy life without music? You may be one of those kids that sits outside the school dances watching the others get their groove on, but you cannot resist the feelingContinue Reading

Many Pace Academy students get ready for the holiday season by thinking about what they want on their Christmas or Hanukkah list. Everybody has different tastes and opinions on what they wish to put at the top of their list. A lot of the students had very high expectations. JuniorContinue Reading

The weekly PAPUBA (which of course stands for Pace Academy Pick-Up Basketball Association) emails are undeniably the highlight of most all Pace FirstClass users’ weeks. But what goes into these emails? The witty, intellectually-stimulating, and sometimes biting emails are the brainchild of puzzlemaster Jason Smith. Each unique post has itsContinue Reading

On Sept. 10, Pace’s annual club fair welcomed a host of clubs, new and old. From trivia nights to sailing, and baking to raising spirit at basketball games, Pace is filled to the brim with distinctive clubs. Sophomores Hannah Kelly and Lacey O’Sullivan started the new club, Trivia Knights, afterContinue Reading