Before the relaxation of holiday break, Pace students will have to endure a full week of exams Dec. 11-15. Students will take exams in the following order: English, world languages, history, science and math. Students must study and retain material from the entire semester, and many will most likely feelContinue Reading

Most upper school students have come to the conclusion that “death week” occurs every two or three weeks. Death week is packed full with tests, quizzes and essays all due at nearly the same time across multiple classes. Stress levels tend to spike during this kind of week while sleepContinue Reading

Popular in the 1980s, the Rubik’s Cube is making a comeback, especially among juniors at Pace Academy. Many consider the cube just a simple childhood toy, something they’ve never really thought about. However, the junior class is on the road to mastering the 3-D puzzle. Students are spending hours manipulatingContinue Reading

As the leaves begin to turn and dropping temperatures start to chill the bones, the Academy knows spookiness is in the air. Halloween, one of the most popular holidays, is quickly approaching, and some in the student body already have their costumes planned. Students and faculty have a history of greatContinue Reading

The arrival of the Academic Village this year brought better climate control, an improved classroom layout, and huge amounts of space, but it’s lacking in one of the most important areas of all: restrooms. Many of the toilets in the temporary Upper School have broken seats, which has caused aContinue Reading

The Academic Village brings a college-like environment to the Pace Upper School, as the multiple subject-oriented buildings and expansive grass field foster a sense of community, fun and learning. Having the option to go kick a soccer ball, throw a football or Frisbee, or simply lounge around in the adirondackContinue Reading

There is nothing more fearsome and intimidating to high school seniors than college application essays. While it is impossible to condense all of one’s dreams, passions, and personality into an essay in under 650 words, the prompts allow for some creativity. Many colleges do not want an essay restating theContinue Reading

Many perks come with being a senior: off campus privileges, sitting outside on the patio, and, of course, the senior cellar. Year after year the cellar is inhabited with a new class of excited seniors ready to take on a mess of challenges ahead of them. Where can one findContinue Reading

Now that students are settled into the new routine each school year brings, it may be time to consider kicking it into high gear to make sure your year is off to a strong start. Already overwhelmed by the increased workload? Are the trailers messing up your mojo? To helpContinue Reading

Since the start of the school year, the Pace Knightly News crew has been asking Pace students: “If any music artist or group could come to Atlanta and you could see them play, what artist or group would you want to see the most?” A total of 100 Pace studentsContinue Reading

The sun starts to inch over the horizon as the starlit night turns to day; it is Saturday, April 6. While most teenagers lazily dream the morning away in their beds, Pace sophomores hustle back and forth with over 2,000 books, trinkets of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and anContinue Reading