Last Thursday, March 19, the baseball team and I played Mount Vernon. Although we fought really hard and played well, we lost. However, the mood in the dugout was much more somber than it would have been after a normal loss. The GHSA had just suspended all sporting activities forContinue Reading

Upon looking at my past reviews, I realized they all have a common theme: the restaurants were all largely American, Southern staples. So for this review, I decided to venture outside the borders of the United States (without leaving Atlanta) and found myself walking through the doors of the HibachiContinue Reading

Boys Lacrosse: Boys varsity lacrosse is coming off a sweet 16 appearance in the state playoffs last year. Although they lost three players who now compete for their college teams – Sam Assaf, Andrew Konradt and Charlie Warren – as well as other pivotal players who graduated in the ClassContinue Reading

First, the Russian collusion, then Stormy Daniels, and now a Ukrainian hoax. In the words of Senator Lindsay Graham, “this the most unethical sham I have seen in my time in politics.” The Ukrainian hoax stems from alleged phone calls and conversations in which President Trump pressured Ukrainian President VolodymyrContinue Reading

If you were to cruise around Atlanta, you might find countless spots to get one of the more coveted dishes in the world: pizza. From little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall restaurants, to bigger franchises like Mellow Mushroom and Fellini’s Pizza, it seems like you cannot go more than a block without findingContinue Reading

Soon after the chants of “2020” had faded in the FAC, the senior class boarded three buses on Aug. 15 and made the trek to the Ocoee River in Tennessee for some white water rafting and quality class bonding. While it was business as usual on the second day ofContinue Reading

Long after the game ended, the team remained in the locker room, stunned. Their 21-game win streak had finally come to an end at the hands of Pike County in the state championship on May 21. The Pirates beat the Knights twice in extra innings, 5-4 and 7-4, to winContinue Reading

Two and half years ago, Donald Trump, to the displeasure of much of the country, was elected as President of the United States. Almost immediately afterwards, Democratic supporters launched allegations concerning Trump and his campaign colluding with Vladimir Putin and Russia to win the 2016 election. The allegations were officiallyContinue Reading