As seniors begin to envision their future lives at college and slowly start their journeys into young adulthood, there are a few things one should not forget to bring to college. First thing’s first: the ultimate dorm room. Pace alumni Sallie Hays ’13 and Jared Allen ’13 both swear thatContinue Reading

Reported as the “best prom I have ever seen” by Mr. Hornor, the Gatsby-themed event went off without a hitch, so it would make sense that the dresses were no exception. This year prom dresses took on a different shape and style, ranging from elaborate beading and exotic prints toContinue Reading

Willy’s, Goldberg’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Waffle House. What do all five of these restaurants have in common? They are all members of the West Paces Shopping Center. The newest of the five is obviously Waffle House, with plans to commence building in Summer 2014. One may wonder where one couldContinue Reading

As I wait for senior Symone Sommerville to meet me for our interview, the sound of her heels clicking against the linoleum signals that she is on her way. Symone never fails to throw together the most stylish outfits for school. With the motto, “dress to impress… even if you’reContinue Reading

Sunscreen, flip flops, and virgin daiquiris are just a few things some would consider the basic necessities for the perfect spring break.  The Knightly News is here to offer some essential tips some may have forgotten. As you head west to ski or south to the beach in a plane,Continue Reading

This month, “Three Looks” focuses on senior Hallie Bedol, a talented young lady whose spotlight is long overdue. Hallie has been using her eye for style to dress herself for years now, developing one of the most original and confident styles at Pace Academy. Hallie enjoys shopping at stores suchContinue Reading

A wrestling coach, a lower school teacher, and three spirited children are the first things that come to mind when thinking of the Sommerville family. Mr. and Mrs. Sommerville are the “it” couple at school, beating out other faculty pairs such as the Coales, the Halls and the Cunninghams thisContinue Reading

Santa, dreidels, elves, presents, angels, potato latkes, menorahs: what more could you need  this upcoming holiday season? Pace Academy students will notice one item missing from that list: the Holiday Program. For over 20 years the Lower School has been producing this cherished tradition that the entire community looks forwardContinue Reading

Provocative, gross, nasty, bodacious and hot are just a few of the words that Pace students used to describe Miley Cyrus when asked their opinions on the pop princess. Miley Cyrus is no longer the same girl that graced the television series “Hannah Montana.” Miley has changed quite a bitContinue Reading

Every year, the members of the senior class vote on superlatives for their grade. What qualities make a class vote for the “Best Dressed” senior? Could it be the recipient’s witty sense of style, their endless supply of clothes, or simply their begging of their neighbors in assembly to voteContinue Reading

Many perks come with being a senior: off campus privileges, sitting outside on the patio, and, of course, the senior cellar. Year after year the cellar is inhabited with a new class of excited seniors ready to take on a mess of challenges ahead of them. Where can one findContinue Reading

One woman, eight closets, over 200 pairs of shoes, and a sense of style beyond compare. Mrs. Agront-Hobbs is the first teacher to be featured in “Three Looks,” and she did not disappoint. A teacher of Spanish and a woman of mystery, Mrs. Agront-Hobbs arrives to school wearing only herContinue Reading

It would make sense that one of the most artistically talented students at Pace is also one of the best dressed on campus. Sophomore Hope Lennox translates her love of art into a love for fashion. Hope draws inspiration from style icons such as Elle Fanning and Tavi Gevinson. WhenContinue Reading