The popular provider of on-demand internet streaming media, Netflix, crashed on the morning of April 1. As of September of last year, the site provided services to 40.4 million subscribers and membership has only continued to increase since that time. Although recent financial numbers have not been released, they likelyContinue Reading

KN: You entered Pace in sixth grade and are now a freshman. How has the transition been? JA: It was really easy. All the guys [in our grade] are bros, so that made things easy. KN: Have you enjoyed being a freshman? JA: It’s been pretty awesome. Just being inContinue Reading

Much commotion was caused earlier this year by the football and basketball teams’ brand new uniforms and other apparel the players were seen sporting. An uproar resulted as envious peers expressed their displeasure that their teams weren’t receiving new gear. Envy is understandable, but what many students fail to realizeContinue Reading

KN: So you’re probably known mostly around Pace for your  freestyling abilities. Could you elaborate on that? CP: I was kinda bored. I mean, I know it’s been pretty rough and I know I’m pretty bad at it, but at least I don’t mess up by snapping and clapping… likeContinue Reading

Many male students at the Academy signed up for Cub Scouts in elementary school in order to compete in the annual Cub Scout Derbies, raft on the Nantahala River or just relax with friends. For a variety of reasons, many of these students quit scouting after fifth grade. However, forContinue Reading

“Dancing to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” This is the dictionary definition of “twerking” according to the Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO). That’s right, the word twerking is now officially recognized as part of the English language. Coincidentally following MileyContinue Reading