The varsity boys soccer players had big shoes to fill after the graduation of nine seniors a year ago, all of whom played a big role on last year’s state runner-up team. “Any time you lose high character impact players, you are going to struggle with replacing them,” said HeadContinue Reading

With the end of the school year approaching, AP classes are starting to pick up the pace as teachers try to finish teaching all of the material that could be on the exam. However, this year, Pace is implementing a new rule that allows students with a 92 or higherContinue Reading

The shortage of parking spaces on campus continues to worsen due to the ever-growing size of classes. In an attempt to address the issue, some teachers now park off campus and walk back and forth from a remote location in order to provide more parking spaces for students. However, forContinue Reading

The Pace girls varsity lacrosse team underwent major changes at the beginning of the 2017-2018 spring season, including the introduction of a new coaching staff and the creation of a junior varsity team. Girls lacrosse has never before had a JV team, but interest in the sport has consistently increasedContinue Reading

Just around this time last year, Pace announced a partnership with the Rick McDevitt Youth Center to create Peoplestown Academy. Upper school students and faculty members traveled to the Peoplestown community near the former Turner Field to help tutor kids in grades 5-12. But this spring, Pace volunteers will notContinue Reading

January is a frenzied month to start the new semester with the craziness of Spirit Week, minimesters, spring sports, and last, but certainly not least, the Winter Showcase, which involves over 50 upper school students. The Winter Showcase is a unique theatre production where the audience members are taken onContinue Reading

As many high school students get older, it seems as though their lives are centered around Advanced Placement classes. It’s all about how many AP classes someone should take, and when spring comes around, it’s about preparing for the AP exams. But what happens when a student, for example, takesContinue Reading

“Senioritis” is the plague that infects high school seniors by slowly taking away their drive to study and finish schoolwork. It often hits during the spring semester when students finish their college applications. A number of seniors, however, have already decided which colleges they are going to by winter break.Continue Reading

Most upper school students have come to the conclusion that “death week” occurs every two or three weeks. Death week is packed full with tests, quizzes and essays all due at nearly the same time across multiple classes. Stress levels tend to spike during this kind of week while sleepContinue Reading

While some students were off enjoying their fall break or touring colleges, seniors Donn Boddie, Molly Richardson and Eric Schank and junior Abby Ray journeyed to Yellowstone National Park to study conservation at America’s oldest national park. These four are this year’s Global Leaders for the Isdell Center for GlobalContinue Reading

Upper School Theatre Director Sean Paul Bryan announced with a booming voice during the first week of school that the fall musical this year would be “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” The show, which received six Tony Award nominations including Best Musical, is based on the story of Joseph inContinue Reading

Walking by the college office, students may see a new face that they don’t yet recognize. Administrative Assistant Shakila Williams is the newest addition to the college counseling team after the departure over the summer of Shannon Meyring. Ms. Williams earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics at Oberlin College inContinue Reading