Break out the coolers and dust off your flip flops, because this year’s summer lineups are jam packed with something for everyone, whether you prefer country crooners or rambunctious rap stars. Atlanta has become a thriving center for music, with the scorching months of summer marking the opening of popularContinue Reading

Fireworks bedazzled the stage, stunning audiences. Left and right, up and down, the small bursts of colorful fire rattled the characters as smoke billowed in the aftermath. Crying out, the actors attempted to squirm out of the police officers’ restraining grip. What sounds like the details of a crime scene was inContinue Reading

Taking three long strides, freshman Madeline Arenth clears the finish line, pausing by the goal to fix her face mask. Sweat trickles down the side of her brow as she doubles over, resting her hands firmly behind her neck, catching her breath. The rest of the girls attempt to paceContinue Reading

As the school year comes to a close and finals draw closer, Head of Upper School Mike Gannon sat at his desk pondering the true meaning of education. “We at Pace pride ourselves on our academic rigor and excellence. Nevertheless, our goal is not to put our students under unbearable stress,” he said. “ThereContinue Reading

Over the past 25 years, photographers from around Georgia have gathered at Pace Academy to foster the growth of student photography. Founded by Pace’s own France Dorman, Pace Academy spearheaded both an exhibition and competition, featuring a panel of distinguished judges and a wide range of student photography. The program caught theContinue Reading

Loosely bundled in his signature Carolina blue sweatshirt paired with sable sweatpants, Coach Grady Stevens strides onto the lacrosse field with unwavering confidence. Keeping a strict focus on his men, the young general silently analyzes the players’ performances, carefully wording his next command. Although some criticize the coach for hisContinue Reading

Grady Stevens’ room has a certain aura about it. The slightly unorganized desks and soft melodies from Pandora streaming from the overhead speakers contribute to the warm ambiance of the space, but it’s his famous smile that draws you in. Straight out of John Hopkins with a B.A. in philosophy and classics andContinue Reading

Throw the empty boxes of fanciful, heart-shaped chocolates to the side, turn off the sappy romance film, and go get some fresh air, because you have no right to spend February 14th as a pathetic, lonely wanderer. Valentine’s Day, the internationally renowned Hallmark holiday, is awash in oceans of cliché fantasies, unrealisticContinue Reading

While strolling the halls of Pace Academy, one can spot students modeling a collection of styles down the “runways” of the Upper School. Whether it’s the latest Free People or an exclusive buy from a local boutique, the girls have no trouble expressing themselves through their wardrobes as well as pushingContinue Reading

Just how well do Pace’s cutest couples know each other? The Knightly News tested some of Pace’s most well-known couples, looking for the most compatible. Now it’s time to pick for yourself; which couple takes the crown? Sam Delman & Jack Wray KN: How long have you guys been dating? SD:Continue Reading

Miles from Budapest, Pace Academy’s legendary Helen Smith sits frantically at her desk, engulfed in a sea of papers. It has been approximately two weeks since her return on Nov. 30 from the annual Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE), and yet the memories still linger in the back of her busy brain. “IContinue Reading

What’s socially normal and what’s socially acceptable? When attending a small school such as Pace Academy, there is a fine line between the two. According to a CDC survey taken in 2012, around 70% of high school students have drunk alcohol before graduation, making recreational substance use somewhat of aContinue Reading

Isdell Center for Global Leadership Scholar Joel Salatin is the full-time, innovative farmer of Polyface Farm in Virginia. Mr. Salatin visited Pace in October to provide his expertise and raise awareness of issues surrounding the ICGL theme for the 2015-2016 school year: food. Mr. Salatin is continuing the legacy of hisContinue Reading