School is almost out, which means everybody’s favorite time of year is rolling around. For many, summertime means warm weather, vacations and sleeping late. For others, it means hitting the weight room to prepare for the upcoming sports seasons. Whatever your plans are, the summer presents endless opportunities. One ofContinue Reading

Beyond the obvious headliner, senior Kenny Selmon, both the boys and girls track teams have enjoyed stellar track seasons, and look ahead to State with high hopes and a lot of momentum. Throughout the season, Pace athletes have regularly taken the podium, scoring top finishes in various events. The girls 4×100 teams,Continue Reading

The recent cold weather sweeping the eastern United States has roused support for bringing the Olympics back to the U.S. for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the host city, of all places, will be Atlanta. While many were surprised by the announcement from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), theirContinue Reading

Over the past year, members of the Pace community have watched as the new Upper School building has slowly come together. At first, it was an unrecognizable mass of steel beams. Then, the steelwork was completed and the concrete poured, and we started to see a building take shape. NextContinue Reading

Surprising as it is, teachers are people too, and what person can resist telling or hearing that juicy rumor? Teachers are no exception to possessing this human trait, so The Knightly News decided to delve further into the gossip world among the Pace faculty. Mr. Smith  does not go intoContinue Reading

After the excitement of Spirit Week ends and students return from the Germany trip with Mr. Hornor and Mr. Smith, reality sets in and the daily grind of schoolwork returns. It’s an annual occurrence. It hits hard right around late January and early February. However, for many seniors, this grind meansContinue Reading

Top athletes have been preparing their entire lives for today, as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia kick off with the Opening Ceremony. The games will allow participants and their respective countries to come together, forgetting about their differences as they focus on the sporting events. Across the globe,Continue Reading

For many, the holiday season means getting away. Whether it’s going to visit family or taking a tropical vacation, many leave Atlanta when Christmastime comes around. However, Atlanta has a lot to offer at this special time of year. Holiday Light Shows: Throughout Atlanta, there are many beautiful displays ofContinue Reading

Having epic soundtracks packed with star artists is all the rage nowadays. Despite receiving mediocre reviews, Baz Luhrmann’s “Great Gatsby” did not disappoint on the musical front. Produced by none other than Jay-Z, the soundtrack featured a full array of artists ranging from Jack White to, and at oneContinue Reading

In the south, it’s Jalisco, located in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center; in the north, it’s Taxco, located on Roswell Rd. near Chastain Park. A rivalry as epic as they come, the division it has created compares to nothing else. Jalisco has held the title of “Best in Buckhead” for manyContinue Reading

“No! You cannot have a TV in your room!” This response, commonly used by parents to deny their children the privilege of having a personal TV, is dead. Many, if not most, Pace students need not ask for a TV because they already have one: their laptop. How, you may ask,Continue Reading

Atlanta’s signature music festival, Music Midtown, is back Sept. 20-21 for its third consecutive year with a whole new range of a talent. This year the festival features classic 80’s band Journey,  jam band Drivin N Cryin, hard rockers Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age, and rap all-stars KendrickContinue Reading