For most Pace students, especially upperclassmen, exam week serves as the only thing obstructing them from the excitement that summer has to offer. Other schools in the area, including Whitefield and Woodward Academy, allow the option of exempting exams in AP and honors courses if the students have above a certainContinue Reading

As the ordinary Pace student ambles down the hallways of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, a familiar voice jolts them from their daze. All worries, million dollar ideas or intended actions on Neko Atsume are pushed aside to acknowledge Mr. Thomas Hattori’s iconic greeting, “How we doin’?” While this gesture mayContinue Reading

The swim team is beginning this Friday with a splash. “Freestyle Friday” has gained a new meaning for the rest of the year, and perhaps for the rest of Pace history. A giant swimming pool (possibly containing sharks) lies under the FAC stage. Observing both some of our state championContinue Reading

Since the Pace athletics department has been dramatically expanding and excelling, especially with state championships in football and basketball, Pace administrators have recently reevaluated the athletic requirements for upper schoolers. While most students exceed the minimum graduation requirement of playing one season of a sport, this still may not be enough toContinue Reading

This month, the College Board has officially transitioned from the “old” SAT to a redesigned format. Students have mixed feelings about this alteration, as it will be a significantly different test with modified aims. The current SAT, which has been in use since 2005, is scored on a 2,400 point scaleContinue Reading

Throughout the 21st century, society has begun to accept more and more controversial subjects, taking significant steps forward in American history. The oppression of many minority groups has been called into question, particularly by the younger generations, including the millennials. While progress has been made toward achieving complete social andContinue Reading

Last year, Pace received its first 3D printer, the Ekocycle Cube. Access was originally limited to the Robotics team but has recently been extended to other groups within Pace, including Dr. Pearson’s AP Physics C class. In order to utilize the printer, students must be familiar with the software requiredContinue Reading

Time consuming, competitive, sleep depriving, dramatic and frustrating – these are all words that can be used to describe Spirit Week in the Upper School. While these days are intended to make the transition back into school after winter break more enjoyable, they can also cause as much anxiety asContinue Reading

The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation for friends and family by exchanging gifts. However, shopping to find the perfect presents can be stressful, especially if you are unsure what your recipient would appreciate. Here are a few gift ideas that are affordable, fun and versatile: PageContinue Reading

  Nearly every American has a strong opinion concerning gun control, and these views have been especially evident recently in response to the Umpqua College shooting. While the issue continues to provoke controversy, we can all agree on one thing: something has to be done. One of the most commonContinue Reading

Nearly every teenager has heard parents, teachers and others complain about how teenagers are spending too much time on their cell phones. Whether or not you agree with this statement, criticism from our elders frustrates all of us. Each generation has its defining characteristics and is influenced by current trendsContinue Reading

On special occasions, students are required to trade their usual school attire for the dress uniform. The Pace student body transforms into an army of clones in khaki and white apparel. These days emphasize our unity and sense of community, not our individualism. One of our only outlets for selfContinue Reading

As a new student in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, one can become quickly overwhelmed with information about academics, athletics and other extra-curriculars. One of the best ways to get involved, meet new people, and improve the community is to participate in student leadership. Every group has aContinue Reading