In March, the Pace Academy community welcomed their newest staff member, Ms. Kaitlyn Fortier, as executive assistant to Head of School Fred Assaf. Although she is new to the staff, she is extremely familiar with the Academy. Her father, Dave Fortier, and both her brothers, Matthew Fortier and Wesley Fortier, are key membersContinue Reading

In a shocking turn of events, Pace Academy recently fired the Sage Dining crew due to financial concerns. “The firing of the kitchen staff was strictly for cost-cutting reasons,” said Pace Headmaster Fred Assaf. “Although they have done an excellent job at Pace, there simply was not enough money forContinue Reading

Certain names are more well-known around the Pace community, and the name Sebastian “Seabass” Bradley, a sophomore basketball player at Pace Academy, might be the most recognizable. Sebastian has the acknowledgement of people from schools all around the Buckhead area because of his well-thought-out roasts on his Instagram account. Big_bass_boi, his Instagram handle,Continue Reading

The spring season brings into play many successful Pace sports teams. The boys soccer team, having lost only one senior from last year, has great confidence going into this year’s season. “Expectations are very high for this season,” said senior Mark Handler. “I don’t like to predict how we will do because it isContinue Reading

Feb. 7, 2016 is a very special date in the lives of many sports fans: Super Bowl 50. This year’s Super Bowl features the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, both division champions and number one seeds in their conferences. The opening line of the Super Bowl has Carolina winningContinue Reading

Juniors The junior class chose “Star Wars” for their Spirit Week theme, which was a bit controversial given that the Class of 2012 chose that as their theme for Spirit Week 2009. However, the juniors did an excellent job with their decorations, video and dances, proving that “Star Wars” was an excellentContinue Reading

“I just got sandwiched!” said sophomore Jonathan Tennies, known to GroupMe users as the Peruvian Legend, after a physical set in the tackling circuit. Walking away from practice with a deeply bruised arm, the loss of Jonathan will be a major deficit to the squad. While he may not show off his skills onContinue Reading

With Pace’s diverse community, students celebrate several different holidays this time of year, including Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Celebrations include decorating, singing, eating ginger bread, lighting a menorah, opening presents, spinning a dreidel, and, most importantly, spending time with friends and family. “My family has had the same Christmas tree for nineContinue Reading

When students rush into school in the morning to start a long day and they realize that there is a bake sale, they are instantly delighted. “I really look forward to the Baking for Breast Cancer bake sales,” said sophomore Charlie Stonecipher. “Sometimes in the morning I have to hurry toContinue Reading

Big Tim is cruising down the street in his ’64. On Friday mornings, the free style superstar separates himself from his peers and focuses on his super hot beats. As the clock strikes 7:55 a.m., senior Timothy Coleman makes his way to the Fine Arts Center to prepare to drop his dirtyContinue Reading

When entering sophomore year, most students are 15 years of age or about to turn 16. However, there exists an elite group of 10th graders who are older than their peers. These sophomores have already passed their driver’s license test and are desperately trying to find a way to drive themselves to school. One common solutionContinue Reading