Christmas spirit can be experienced in many ways, including putting up decorations, baking and consuming holiday treats, and watching holiday movies. When asked about holiday movies, Pace teachers and students responded with a wide variety of favorites. From movies made in the 1940s to the late 2000s, the Pace communityContinue Reading

Edgy, innovative and original are just a few of the words that come to mind when the band Paramore is brought up in conversation. Paramore is an alternative band that originated in 2004 out of Franklin, Tenn. The musical group is centered around their lead singer, Hayley Williams, followed byContinue Reading

The building of The Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School has brought new challenges for upper classmen, and some of these were not anticipated. As the parking spaces for Pace faculty and students have been limited this year, juniors were the first to feel the cutbacks due to the construction.Continue Reading

Saturdays in the fall bring a sense of excitement to all avid southern football fans as they look towards a new season in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The SEC has by far some of the toughest football teams in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Many fans would consider the SECContinue Reading

Every Thursday used to bring excited and wide-eyed Pace students into the cafeteria for lunch, but their excitement wasn’t due to the chicken fingers being served. It was actually because of the delicious soft serve ice cream. Students who have attended Pace for a few years remember the soft serveContinue Reading

                              The Class of 2014 bounded into the FAC on their last, first day of school with whistles blasting and toilet paper raining down onto the stage and seats. It is hard for some to believeContinue Reading

The show that has become an addiction for many Pace students is finally back. AMC’s “Breaking Bad” has been a hit series since the first episode aired in 2008, but it comes to a swift end this fall. The series has won multiple Emmy awards as well as a GoldenContinue Reading