Keith Newman has more to his name than just being an expert mathematician. In fact, Mr. Newman was once called “Newms” and “Newmy” by his peers in high school. Mr. Newman’s early childhood began in Vinings, just outside of Buckhead. His high school years consisted of turf skiing, putt-putt, hanging out,Continue Reading

The Pace boys varsity golf team is a group of lively individuals with high hopes for the season this year. Head coach Bailey Player is described as leading the team with a unique enthusiasm and character that is difficult to find in many golf coaches. Unfortunately, the team dropped their firstContinue Reading

His name is plastered in lights on every corner of this planet. Some say that he has never waited 15 minutes after finishing a meal before returning to the pool, others say that he gave his own father “the talk”… All we know is that his name is Lebron JamesContinue Reading

The infamous debate of off campus privileges is slowly spreading through the junior class like a plague. Questions such as “We’re upperclassmen… Where are our privileges?” and “Wow, I have a hankering for Willy’s right now. Can we get some?” have become more common as the second semester progresses. SomebodyContinue Reading

After this year’s Spirit Week, most would agree that it was one for the textbooks. Sophomore Brian Sloan’s energetic, passionate dancing set the stage for all other grades while the seniors’ costuming lit up the gym floor. The decorations displayed throughout the school came as a pleasant surprise, too. This is not to say that thereContinue Reading

Every single day of our lives is filled with unmitigated stress, especially this time of year. The question then becomes, how do we deal with this stress, and how do we minimize it to live happier lives? Luckily, Mrs. Eden has some tips that can help: 1. Don’t drink caffeine Caffeine isContinue Reading

Atlanta’s art culture is being rapidly renovated by a unique free art movement. This movement, inspired by a furniture maker, now an artist called Evereman, is a collection of anonymous artists who create distinct pieces. These artists are known only by their twitter names. Artists then distribute their art throughoutContinue Reading

Most every Pace student is aware of Mr. Player’s exquisite English expertise and dapper apparel, but few know of his fascinating background. Having grown up in Georgia, Mr. Player attended The Westminster Schools. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Furman University and his Master’s in American Literature from Florida State University. Throughout hisContinue Reading

A record 54 clubs took their place in the Inman Center at Club Fair on Sept. 17. Many new clubs such as the National Handball Association of the Academy (N.H.A.A.) and the Animal Service Club added a spark to Pace’s club life. Club veterans such as Trivia Knight and Baking forContinue Reading

  The Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School is undoubtedly the grandest addition ever made to Pace Academy. It not only inspires a creative spark, but it surrounds each and every student with a sense of security. This homelike environment provides a comfortable yet progressive state of mind. Learning rigorousContinue Reading