The winter and spring athletes have achieved tremendous success, both individually and as teams. Below are some of the highlights. Girls Swimming placed sixth in the state tournament. Gwynnie LaMastra, Brenner Appel, Grace Ferry and Madison Graham were named All-State in swimming and all qualified for individual events at the stateContinue Reading

In a surprising move, Director of Athletics Chris Palmerton has announced that next year the football team will be competing at the 6A level. “It was a very easy call to make after the success the football team has had at the 1A level,” he said, “I realize that theContinue Reading

For those thinking about seeing “The Lego Movie,” I have one crucial piece of advice: leave your intelligence at the door. Although cute and at times witty, the movie does not have any sort of depth in the plot or the characters themselves. What it lacks in depth, however, itContinue Reading

Hailing from the heart of Italy, the desirable senior Jules Zappone has spent the past four years taking names and breaking hearts. Her flirtatious and outgoing personality has given Jules the edge for being picked as this year’s Most Eligible Bachelorette. KN sat down with Jules for a few minutesContinue Reading

Congratulations to all Pace athletes on their contribution to the Pace athletic program! Here are highlights of the past semester for Pace Academy: Denzel Franklin ‘14 – Verbally committed to Stanford University for football Kameron Uter ‘14 – Verbally committed to Vanderbilt University for football Jared Datoc ‘14 – SignedContinue Reading

For football fans, the end seems fast approaching. As week 15 nears, the teams that will make a playoff appearance are beginning to separate from the rest of the pack. Here are the predictions for the AFC playoff picture: 1. Denver Broncos – The Broncos have dominated the NFL sinceContinue Reading

As we enter the second half of the NFL season, one question is on the minds of football fans: which teams are going to make the playoffs? This year has been a shock to many, as most of the powerhouse NFL teams are lagging and those teams that have aContinue Reading

After a long day of learning at the Academy, many Pace students like to celebrate with a snack from one of the various restaurants surrounding West Paces Ferry Rd. With so many choices, though, it is hard to decide which one to go to, or which restaurant has the healthiestContinue Reading

Staying in Atlanta over the summer, I had a lot of free time on my hands. To beat the heat, I frequently visited the comfy movie theaters of our thriving metropolis. This summer saw a number of excellent blockbusters hit the screen, with lots of variety in genres and goodContinue Reading

Pace Academy bids a tearful farewell to Ms. Beth Barrow-Titus, who is retiring from Pace after 17 years as chorus director. There is no doubt that Ms. Barrow-Titus will be missed by the Pace community. Sophomore Caillin Cooke said, “BBT has helped me to become a better singer and developContinue Reading

The recent string of panicked “Missing TI-84 Calculator” bulletins on the Upper School News and Announcements conference has sparked concern among Pace Academy; students have begun to worry over the safety of their own precious mathematical tools. “I no longer feel safe leaving Dwight [the name of her calculator] abandonedContinue Reading