With COVID-19 raging across the world, bringing mortality and economic decline, it is easy to get caught up in the negativity dominating the news. While it is hard to look past the devastating headlines, there is actually plenty of good in the world right now. In northeastern cities in theContinue Reading

The entire Pace community knows senior Daniel Lucke – varsity boys basketball manager turned overnight internet sensation. Now, his 15 seconds of fame could become longer. On Jan. 31, Lucke made his debut against rival Lovett School during an intense region matchup in the Inman Center. In a play thatContinue Reading

With social media so much a part of most students’ lives, many find it difficult to find news sources that are both easily accessible and reliable. Students also struggle to find the time and attention span to read long articles. But there are many options to stay informed of currentContinue Reading

Everyone at Pace is part of a community, such as the Pace community and the larger Atlanta community. Most would argue that being a member of a community comes with the responsibility of helping those who are less privileged. Pace equips students with a multitude of opportunities to engage inContinue Reading

Between the waste from snack bar treats and use of single-use plastic bottles for water and sodas, Pace students have ramped up in the waste department, leaving behind tons of hard to recycle plastic to end up in oceans and landfills.  Founder and CEO of Terracycle, Tom Szaky, spoke atContinue Reading

It’s a brand new school year, a blank slate with space to write the story of the next year of your life. For many students, that means a chance to grow and become a better student. But what does that really mean – to be a good student? There areContinue Reading