Although this school year is nearing its end, students and teachers have not wasted any time preparing for next year, with schedules, classes and activities. Many rising seniors are especially excited for the opportunity to take new courses, with one in particular that seems to have made its mark: APContinue Reading

After years of tireless work in academics, athletics and the arts, the senior class of 2019 has finally completed their time at Pace Academy and is ready to move onward. The seniors, who have spent their high school years preparing for graduation, will now go off to entirely new environments,Continue Reading

This upcoming school year, a major change will occur affecting the everyday schedule for the Upper School. After major discussion and numerous meetings, the faculty has crafted a new schedule, eliminating free periods from the equation to make it possible for all academic and elective classes to meet each day.Continue Reading

Most 16-year-old teenagers spend their days learning at school, followed by auditioning for the school play or practicing a sport. Rarely do you hear of a young teenager spending their time writing and publishing their own books. However, this is the case for sophomore Jack Brown. He works hard toContinue Reading

As February has progressed, the Pace community has taken time to celebrate Black History Month through special events and interactive assemblies. On Feb. 20, upper school students attended a moving assembly to celebrate black history, in which the focus revolved around five major elements of African-American culture: spoken word, callContinue Reading

Whenever someone mentions Westminster, many members of the Pace community instantly become super competitive, thinking about the rivalry between the two schools. However, this is not the case with everyone at Pace. Upper school history teacher Caitlin Terry has a more positive opinion of Pace’s backyard rival, because her husband,Continue Reading

For high school students, “SAT” and “ACT” are probably familiar acronyms among peers, teachers and parents. The SAT and ACT are standardized tests taken by juniors and seniors across the U.S. in advance of submitting applications to colleges. With the college process on the horizon for many, students must beginContinue Reading

With an overall record last year of 16-9 and a second place ranking in region play, the varsity girls basketball team has high hopes for this year. With a record of 6-4 as of Dec. 10, the team has already defeated three of their region opponents, Redan High School, Towers HighContinue Reading

With concerns regarding diversity and inclusion being prevalent in schools across the country, Pace has recently taken a major step toward addressing these problems. From Nov. 28-Dec. 1, six students travelled to Nashville to attend the National Association of Independent Schools’ Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC). This year marked theContinue Reading

Pace students are not the only members of the community who take strenuous classes and learn more every day. Class of 2020 Dean Grady Stevens and Math Chairperson Gus Whyte both take time from their busy schedules to pursue advanced academic programs in hopes of growing as teachers. Mr. StevensContinue Reading