Every year, the Upper School greets new students who become part of the community. These students come in prepared to take on new challenges, in the classroom and in other areas of student life. Many times, the students also bring with them athletic skills that help to benefit their newContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi Nikki! How are you doing today? Nikki Rubin: I’m doing really well! Thanks for asking. KN: Of course. So, how has this school year gone so far? NR: It’s going great. I really like that as seniors we were able to pick our classes and create ourContinue Reading

August 2019 marked the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first ship of enslaved Africans to the mainland of what is now the United States. They arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, a place that represents the racial origin story of African Americans. For four centuries after the arrival of thisContinue Reading

Every year on Feb. 14, countries in many parts of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day in which people in the United States share candy, cards and flowers with their loved ones. The holiday has turned into one in which many people use money to express their love andContinue Reading

Over the past few weeks, news stations and social media sources have been filled with headlines regarding the ravaging fires that have been making their way through Australia. These fires started last July and have since spread across the country. Although wildfires are not uncommon in Australia, these recent firesContinue Reading

Every year, millions of teenagers take part in high school sports. According to U.S. News & World Report, nearly 55.5% of high schoolers participate in sports. Although athletics enable students to stay active, make new friends and learn life lessons, there is also the risk of injury. Walking around anyContinue Reading

When watching a Pace sport, fans focus on the players on the court or field who take shots, score touchdowns or hit home runs. What goes on behind the scenes of these sports often goes unnoticed. Team managers are the influential forces behind the teams who not only help theContinue Reading

In her ninth year of teaching in the Pace Upper School, science teacher Brianna Korb has decided to take a step away from the classroom. Whether it be in working with the annual Phlotilla for the freshman class or working with AP Physics students and the freshmen at Six FlagsContinue Reading

Although Pace holds their own plays and musicals each year, on occasion, students have the opportunity to experience and learn from other actors and directors. On Oct. 3, eight upper school students traveled to the Alliance Theatre in Midtown to watch the world premiere of the musical “Becoming Nancy.” TheseContinue Reading

Starting a new season is full of non-stop work and strenuous competition, especially when the team is full of new players. Now the varsity softball team is wrapping up their regular season, with a focus this year on incorporating six freshman girls into the chemistry of the team. Although thisContinue Reading

Most independent school students have arrived to school by 8 a.m. each morning, preparing for their first bell to ring. But on the morning of Aug. 16, a young sixth grade Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School student was having trouble finding her way to school. After missing her bus, the 11-year-oldContinue Reading