Each year, the Pace Upper School recognizes ten students for their achievements in the performing and visual arts, naming these talented artists and performers Arts Laureates. Through a nomination, presentation and selection process, freshmen through seniors are chosen to share their art with the Pace community.  Although the move toContinue Reading

This past weekend, anxiety and excitement erupted within the Pace community, as rumors about producing “The List” as a motion picture have spread. “The List” is a young adult novel published in July 2020 by Pace moms of the Class of 2022 under the pen name Kelsey Mercer Grant.  ThisContinue Reading

Head of School Fred Assaf announced in a March 4 email to the Pace community that the school had secured COVID-19 vaccinations for all Pace Academy employees, “alleviating much anxiety and further securing the health and safety of our entire community.” Therefore, Pace had a half-day on Mar. 8 soContinue Reading

Ugh. Another Valentine’s Day spent alone, wallowing in self-pity… The hours go by as you bury yourself under a comforter that isn’t even soft, while you devour chocolatey calories from a heart-shaped truffle box that never quite taste the same when you buy them for yourself. Is that really howContinue Reading

Knightly News: What was it like preparing for the school year with COVID-19? What did the summer consist of? Nurse Megan Turner: The summer consisted of reading lots and lots of CDC guidelines, new protocols and medical journals. It’s been really helpful, too, that the Pace community as a wholeContinue Reading

For the Class of 2020, college has been anything but normal. Last spring, the Class of 2020 faced an unforeseen obstacle, having to complete their senior year on laptops. As Pace Academy, along with schools across the country, closed their doors in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, graduation, promContinue Reading

An inquisitive student, rockstar runner, dedicated community service leader and in the words of English teacher Hayley Conroy, “natural leader,” senior Laura Romig is multi-talented. Most recently, Romig earned a Gold Medal, a selective award presented to only “the most outstanding works in the nation,” in the 2020 National ScholasticContinue Reading

Knightly News: Let’s get right to it. How are you all doing? What has life entailed for y’all these past few weeks, being physically out of school? Aman Hashim: I am doing pretty well. It’s kind of sad and relaxing at the same time. I wake up late and classesContinue Reading

At the end of this academic year, the Pace Upper School has not only lost the Class of 2020 as they head to college, but also another presence that has made an enormous impact on the community. Math department chairperson Gus Whyte leaves Pace at the end of this schoolContinue Reading

Each school year comes to a close with a very special, celebratory day for the seniors: graduation. And with each graduation ceremony, the anticipation of students, parents and faculty heightens as everyone waits to discover who the much-awaited guest speaker will be. In the past, Pace has welcomed guests rangingContinue Reading