In the past two years, the longtime occurrence of sorority rush has blown up on social media. Specifically, on Tik Tok, girls taking part in the week-long process of rush have risen to fame. Posting outfits of the days, what’s in my sorority rush bag and bid day videos. PeopleContinue Reading

A lifer at Pace, Junior Oliver Loree is involved in just about everything! Partaking in the musical, robotics and leading various clubs, Loree keeps himself very busy at school. However, he also finds himself heavily involved outside of school with his own personal endeavors. Loree runs his own Instagram account,Continue Reading

Long-awaited, Mr. Tim Hornor, US History Chairperson and Teacher, has joined the viral social media platform of Tik Tok. An extremely prevalent app around the world, but especially at Pace, this news has brought the utmost excitement amongst students! Joining on Jan. 1, 2022, Mr. Hornor says, “I made itContinue Reading

Long awaited, spring break came and went at Pace. Being the first real spring break since the pandemic, Pace students and faculty anxiously anticipated its arrival. With the pandemic dying down and the world reopening, this year’s spring break held high expectations. On top of this, Pace’s famed ICGL StudyContinue Reading

With the start of a new semester comes the start of the beloved minimesters! Inspired by “Jan-mesters,” a month long special course taken by college students in January, Pace introduced “minimesters.” Although only a week long, minimesters follow the same concept as Jan-mesters by exposing students to out of theContinue Reading

Following a year of Zoom tours and online interviews, the admissions office is finally starting to return to normal. Due to COVID-19, admissions had to take a step back. Unable to provide in-person tours and one on one interviews, the campus felt extremely empty during the busier months of theContinue Reading

The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) has been extremely active this year. Led by Senior Allison Silverboard, Senior Madison Auchincloss and Junior Jae Lieberman, the GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and allies. Assisted by faculty sponsors, Director of Libraries Matt Ball, US History Teacher Mindy Lawrence, USContinue Reading

The Jewish Affinity Group anticipates its second annual Shabbat on Oct. 29. Led by Upper School English Teacher Robert Kaufman, Associate Director of MS/US Admissions Heather Bernes and newly joined by US Counselor Ellye Millaway, this year’s Shabbat is sure to deliver. Shabbat, also known as Sabbath, is a JewishContinue Reading

Pace students and faculty have been burdened with heavy traffic and numerous tardies at the start of this school year. With the construction of the new Kam Memar Lower School, the carpool system has changed. Now all students must use the same carpool line, causing time-consuming backups and frustrated emotions. Continue Reading