As the Pace Academy school year comes to a close, the celebration can be bittersweet, for the reign of the well-loved Class of 2016 comes to an end as well. However, though our seniors will have left us, their legacy will live on here at the Academy. “There are a lot of big, brightContinue Reading

For the 2016 Pace Academy junior senior prom, high school boys and girls from all grades arrived at the Puritan Mill venue for an unforgettable “Arabian Knight.” Students dressed to impress in their gowns and tuxes, and were admired by teachers and chaperones during their grand entrance to the formal. ThreeContinue Reading

“The juniors just had the better performance overall,” said Pace Academy Spirit Week judge and math teacher Ms. Wilhelmson. “I checked nines for everything in their skit.” Weeks after the senior’s controversial Spirit Week win was announced on a chilly Wednesday morning assembly, the senior win has been revoked. For the firstContinue Reading

As the new year advances at Pace Academy, so do the ideas and projects for 2016. At least, that’s true for Director of Diversity Rick Holifield, who organized the Academy’s first “fireside chats.” Over the past couple of years, Mr. Holifield has looked to the student body for program ideas. As an outgrowthContinue Reading

A renowned aspect of the Buckhead area, rumors have swept across the neighborhood schools for years. Although they are usually all in good fun, like all things, they can often have little basis in actual facts. As GHSA 6AA State Champions, Pace Academy has recently come under fire for accusations ofContinue Reading

After the show-stopping performance of the fall musical “Legally Blonde,” directed by new Pace Academy Theatre Director Sean Bryan, Mr. Bryan yet again wowed the Pace community with this year’s very first Winter Showcase Jan. 28-29. “This is a tradition that I’m hoping starts to pick up some speed forContinue Reading

With the holidays upon us, some members of the Pace family tremble with excitement for one reason: holiday fashion. One student in particular is prepared for the month of December, especially through the 14th. Notoriously fashionable junior Willie D. Lieberman is happy that Hanukkah is here. That’s right, this Three LooksContinue Reading

“When I was 11, my dad happened to change the channel to “Project Runway,” and that’s when it all started,” said senior Elizabeth Hawn. From a young age, Elizabeth was drawn to fashion. Whether it was shopping or reality TV, she always found her way back to clothes. Elizabeth pursuedContinue Reading

While sophomores and juniors scratched away at a scantron during the PSAT on Oct. 14, the freshmen found work in an impactful way: helping others. Pace celebrated its sixth year of Freshman Service Day with students volunteering at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Easter Seals’ Sylvan Hills Center and theContinue Reading

As every new school year at Pace commences, there are always new faces to meet. This year, one of these includes Pace’s newest computer specialist, Kevin Neely. Born and raised in New York, Mr. Neeley attended the State University of New York at Fredonia as a sociology major, before goingContinue Reading

“I love watching an ensemble or production succeed,” said Mr. Sean Bryan. “I love watching the actors and the crew get all the glory that they get. That gives me great satisfaction as a director.” Though the Pace community wistfully said goodbye to Dr. George “Doc” Mengert last spring, the PaceContinue Reading

“The train was definitely a cultural experience,” said junior Sari Leven, reflecting on her India Global Ed trip this past summer. From searching for the elusive Bengal tiger in the Khana Reserve to exploring the ancient, Buddhist temples of Elephanta Island, India was quite the experience for 22 of Pace’sContinue Reading