“The Walking Dead,” an extremely popular zombie apocalypse show filmed entirely in Atlanta, begins filming season seven soon. The series has received tremendous praise from viewers and has a massive fan base including many Pace students. “I love ‘The Walking Dead’ so, so, so much,” said sophomore George Shepherd. “I freak outContinue Reading

A 2015 study conducted in some of the most prestigious science labs in the nation by America’s top scientists confirms that FOMO (fear of missing out) is, in fact, a real disease. The study verified that almost one in every four teenagers has already been infected with FOMO within the last fourContinue Reading

Every year, students express their creativity and ingenuity with new Halloween costumes that never cease to amaze. Students are busy making plans for this weekend, and some are almost done finalizing their costumes. “The earlier you start, the better,” said local costume designer and Pace junior Taylor Upchurch. Taylor madeContinue Reading

Despite intensive efforts to keep the incident under wraps, KN has learned that two weeks ago Shooting Club founder and junior Jared Goldman shot unsuspecting victim, sophomore Jake Movsovitz. “He shot me directly in the foot,” said Jake. “Blood splattered all over the girl next to him.” While Jared was huntingContinue Reading