We’ve all seen the photos – a Western white girl hugging a child from an impoverished town in Africa with a caption praising herself on how she’s changed the community, a missionary group abroad building a church or a school, photos of a starving child with a caption reading “WEContinue Reading

Thousands of people fill the streets of Atlanta on a Sunday in mid-October. Drums are beating, people are singing and rainbows decorate every surface. Hundreds of people cheer on the glitter-filled parade, and many dance joyously through the streets. They are there to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community at the AtlantaContinue Reading

What do teachers do over summer break? As one might expect, many of them spend their time reading, not only for school, but also for fun, with books provided by the Pace Parents Club. “The faculty summer reading program has been going on for many years, with the Parents ClubContinue Reading

There was an increase in floaties in recent weeks, as students played the “Assassin Game,” a four-week-long cat and mouse game played exclusively among seniors. Seniors were invited to sign up for the game online via a shadowy “commissioner,” with a five dollar admission price. A high stakes game, theContinue Reading

For the past 27 years, Pace Academy has decorated the back wall of the Fine Arts Center (FAC) with a colorful array of photographs through exhibitions held in collaboration with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) is an organization that aims to promote photography and encourage photographers in Atlanta.Continue Reading

Contrary to Pace Academy’s typical modernization of their buildings and technology, the school’s new decision to have mandatory recess has forced high school students to take a step back in time. Permanently taking effect on April 1, all high school students must participate in recess outside during their lunch period.Continue Reading

Sophomore Mary Paige Pope staggers home after a long day of school. Each step hurts worse than the first. She shifts her backpack from side to side, trying to relieve the crush of its 28 pounds. The absurd weight of backpacks has created a health epidemic for students nationwide andContinue Reading

A walk down the hall at the back of the theater in the Pace Fine Arts Center elicits looks of amazement and admiration at the new art exhibit. It’s a typical art show, but with a twist. The paintings, photographs and ceramics are all made by Pace Academy’s very ownContinue Reading

Every morning, Sonya McCullough arrives at Pace Academy and prepares to make her rounds throughout the school. She is one of the members of the cleaning staff, who often go unnoticed and unrecognized for their important work. Ms. McCullough, along with her colleague Norma Rodriguez, work hard behind the scenesContinue Reading

In Washington, D.C., eight private high schools announced in June that they are dropping their Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and will have completely phased out the courses in their curriculum by 2022. The schools released the statement: “Collectively, we believe a curriculum oriented toward collaborative, experiential and interdisciplinary learning willContinue Reading

In partnership with Pace Academy and The Westminster Schools, The Lovett School hosted a screening and panel discussion of the film “Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety” on Jan. 31. The film will be shown later this month at The Academe of the Oaks on Feb. 12, The Walker School on Feb.Continue Reading

On Oct. 6, Brett Kavanaugh smiled as he was confirmed to the Supreme Court, while protesters’ screams of “shame, shame, shame” echoed outside. This event happened almost a month after the Washington Post published Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations that Kavanaugh sexually assaultccced her when they were teenagers. The newsContinue Reading